Paperless Government

Make data more accessible by going paperless, saving employees time and money with less space and on-demand access for constituents. With Foxit PDF Compressor image processing optimization, a scanned document can be as searchable as a Word document, while also being smaller in storage size for improved transmission and accessibility. Foxit Rendition Server provides bulk conversions of Tiff and Office docs to PDF and PDF/A, high-quality OCR, file compression and Foxit iFilter provides super-fast indexing of large amounts of PDF content for quick retrieval.

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Open Government

Transparency is a critical part of government ethics, and Congress has determined that the citizens are entitled to government documents unless exemptions or exclusions to disclosures apply. Easy-to-use redaction with Foxit PhantomPDF allows you to select and redact any text or image permanently. Auto-search through pattern recognition enables quick and efficient redaction on PDFs, and the Microsoft Office Foxit Plug-in generates redacted PDFs from Office documents. For bulk processing of documents, Foxit Rendition Server redacts hundreds of documents quickly for enterprise-wide business use.

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Citizen Engagement and Personnel Self-Service

Automate data entry with online forms for eComplaints, tax eForms and direct personnel benefits and requests. Foxit Web Forms are easily created for online submission and processing. For forms that require a wet signature, Foxit Ultraforms creates dynamic 2D barcodes based on data being filled in, making the submission process a breeze by simply scanning the barcode. For fillable PDF forms, convert numerous file types (Microsoft Word, Excel, non-interactive PDFs, and even scanned paper documents) with Foxit PhantomPDF.

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Real-time, Secure Collaboration

How can government agencies collaborate on cases and initiatives that span beyond boundaries yet ensure confidential information is not leaked to others? Foxit ConnectedPDF provides a simple, standardized way to grant/revoke permission to documents anytime, regardless of where the document travels. Share sensitive data with confidence, making edits in real-time, watching everyone’s changes for greater efficiency. With DRM embedded in documents, document owners control their documents independent of storage and transport, without the headache of adding users to corporate directories or setting up complex trust mechanisms.

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Secure and Compliant

Safeguarding sensitive PII / PHI and Homeland Security information is required as part of HIPAA, Privacy Acts, and other regulatory compliance. Foxit ConnectedPDF comes deployed in a public cloud, or for the most secure environment, a private cloud deployment offers the best protection knowing where your tracking data exists. Your actual files can reside anywhere with Foxit connectors to SharePoint, OpenText, Box, and more, and files are always tracked with DRM, even when downloaded to mobile devices. A FIPS encryption mode uses FIPS-approved algorithms during the production of PDFs to comply with NIST requirements for data protection.

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Gain Readership Insight

Wouldn’t it be great if you can optimize readership for every document that you write? Wouldn’t it be great if you can gain insight into your reader’s mind to find out which parts of the document are read most often, which takes more time to read, which are skipped, what is being redacted, deleted, etc. and much more wherever the document travels? And wouldn’t it be great to be able to revoke access any time if you see fraudulent behavior? Foxit PhantomPDF provides page-by-page engagement analytics to gain reader’s actions on the document, similar to how Google provides analytics on web activities.

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Capture Field Data and Mobile Collaboration

Inspectors, case workers, investigators, and other mobile field workers turn smartphones into mobile scanners. Top-quality images, compressed into high-quality PDF files and optionally fully text-searchable is provided through Foxit MobilePDF app. Our award-winning MRC (Mixed Raster Content) compression technology produces smaller PDF files without compromising file quality. The Foxit Mobile Compression SDK enables app developers to integrate MCR compression into their apps, and Mobile Scanning RDK provides a complete solution for scanning and integration into back-end systems. Mobile real-time collaboration is provided with Foxit ConnectedPDF enabling mobile workers to add comments and signature approvals, fill out forms and more, to improve efficiency and productivity.

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Accessibility (508, PDF/UA)

Section 508 and PDF/UA eliminate barriers in information technology, to make available new opportunities for people with disabilities and to encourage development of technologies that will help achieve these goals. Foxit PhantomPDF produces PDFs that are 508-compliant and PDF/UA for users with visual or hearing impairments, mobility impairments, or other types of disabilities. Foxit PDF Compressor and Rendition Server also support large scale scanning and conversion to industry standard PDF, while automatically making them more accessible.

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