Improve Data Capture from PDF Fillable Forms with Ultraforms

Ultraforms is a powerful 2D barcode generation engine specifically designed to work with PDF fillable forms. It serves large companies and government agencies who need to capture data from paper hardcopy. To solve data capture issues, Ultraform's customers provide Ultraforms-enabled PDF fillable forms to their end users. When these end users fill in the PDF form electronically, Ultraforms generates a 2D barcode right onto the form that contains the variable data entered into the form by the end user. After printing and signing, submitted forms can be quickly scanned and the form's data can be easily and accurately captured into databases or applications. Data capture using 2D barcode technology guarantees 100% accuracy and provides cost savings, higher productivity, better efficiency, and improved customer satisfaction.

Ultraforms provides a unique opportunity to reduce costs from traditional data capture operations. Compared with data captured through traditional manual keying, the estimated cost savings ratio is 20:1. Compared with OCR (Optical Character Recognition), it provides a higher level of accuracy (100%) in the data capture process, which can result in cost savings of five times or higher.

Ultraforms helps customer to:

  • Reduce costs from traditional data capture operations.
  • Reduce time needed to capture data.
  • Make the data available to other systems/processes faster, accelerating time-to-market.
  • 100% accuracy in the data capture process.
  • Minimize the number of problems that need to be solved in the data capture process.