PDF Compressor

PDF Compressor - Overview

Convert Scanned Images to PDF and PDF/A

Smart organizations process all data into one output file format, regardless of the original document type, for more efficient downstream processing and simpler archiving. Foxit PDF Compressor can:

  • Store documents efficiently by converting Office files, emails, and scanned documents to industry standard PDF
  • Ensure that your document that are unaltered over time with PDF/A (Archive). PDF Compressor supplies the industry's best PDF/A support.
  • Spend less time managing documents and more time on running the business

Easily Share Files

Scanned documents produce images that are quite large, so the resulting files sizes are hard to manage. Mixed raster content (MRC) file compression reduces size by up to 100:1 or more, without compromising quality of the document. Foxit PDF Compressor can:

  • Smaller file sizes make it easier to share files via downloads, email attachments, etc. PDF Compressor is especially effective in reducing the size of color scans.
  • Reduce storage requirements and expenses
  • Improve your document backup requirements

Generate Searchable Documents

Search engines cannot detect content contained in scanned documents since they are images. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) discovers text within scanned images and makes it available to search engines. Foxit PDF Compressor can:

  • Shorten the time needed to locate and retrieve specific data with full text searching of images files. PDF Compressor provides highly accurate text recognition.
  • Super accurate OCR ensures correct search results
  • High performance to tackle the largest demands

Create More Accessible Documents

Accessibility allows people with disabilities who use assistive technology to have equal access to information. Accessibility has become a requirement in many government organizations and enterprises. Foxit PDF Compressor can:

  • Automatically generates proper PDF tags so screen reader will better understand document content
  • Identifies and skips over artifacts, such as header and footers which gets repeated on every page
  • Detects multiple columns to inform screen readers of correct reading order

Enterprise Ready

Large organizations need professional grade performance, quality, and support to meet the most demanding needs of the business. Foxit PDF Compressor can:

  • Scalable solution designed for processing data volumes of any size
  • High performance to quickly process large numbers of documents
  • Easily to deploy, manage, and integrate into existing workflows

One format for all your documents

The PDF Compressor Enterprise turns all your data – whether scanned or born-digital – into a single unifying file format. Standardizing document structure drastically reduces the time and effort required for further processing.

Lasting operational stability

The PDF Compressor Enterprise meets every requirement for professional use. Many years of development and testing mean it remains stable and in use worldwide.

Text recognition included

All PDF and PDF/A files are fully text searchable, thanks to integrated ABBYY OCR technology.

A data format that brings independence

The outstanding MRC document compression makes your archives compact and drastically reduces storage costs and bandwidth requirements.

Flexible licensing and cost control

Your business can change, and the way you use the PDF Compressor can change too. You can always be sure you're using it cost-efficiently, because the PDF Compressor adapts to meet your current tasks and needs. If the scope of work changes, you don't need an entirely new software package – just adjust your licensing package for greater functionality or a different page count. This way, you're always ready to act and you know how much it will cost.

Mass-processing and scalability

The PDF Compressor Enterprise is flexible enough to meet almost any document management need for scan service providers and corporate DMS/ECM departments. For years, the PDF Compressor has been successfully processing everything from occasional jobs to huge numbers of documents.

Outstanding document compression

The award-winning mixed raster content (MRC) layer-based compression technology compresses high-resolution black-and-white, grayscale and color scanned documents, with compression ratios of 1:100 or better. Outstanding image quality and text legibility are preserved, while storage costs and bandwidth requirements are drastically reduced.

Integrated OCR solution

Integrated ABBYY OCR technology allows full text searching for all PDF and PDF/A files, as well as outputting files in additional formats including XML, MS Word or plain text.


The PDF Compressor Enterprise produces standardized file formats including PDF and PDF/A. This makes the software fully interoperable with other products and the files completely independent of any single developer. ISO-compliant PDF/A documents will remain openable, readable and available far into the future.

Born Digital add-on module for digital documents

With the Born Digital module, digitally-generated documents from MS Office, Outlook (emails) and digitally-generated PDF(/A) files can be batch-processed just as easily as scanned paper documents. Available on the Windows platform only.

Technological partnerships

The PDF Compressor integrates the world's best technology to complete its document and data solutions. We use ABBYY OCR technology, for example, to allow full text searching for our highly-compressed PDF and PDF/A files.

Flexible licensing models for the PDF Compressor Enterprise

With three different licensing models – project-based, annual and unlimited – the PDF Compressor Enterprise is flexible enough to meet any project's demands. The three licensing models can be combined together in different ways to meet your needs.


  • One-time processing for a fixed number of pages
  • Page counts (cartridges) from 100,000 pages to several million
  • Use all CPU cores on a workstation for fastest possible processing times
Ideal for:
  • Project-based document processing
  • Migration projects
  • Converting old paper archives
  • Finishing off production backlogs

No time limit on license. Rechargeable at any time, compatible with latest software version. Available on the Windows platform only.


  • Recurring number of pages per year
  • Use all CPU cores on a workstation for fastest possible processing times
Ideal for:
  • Ongoing small and medium-sized projects
  • Invoice processing
  • Ongoing document compression projects

If a company comes close to exceeding its annual page quota, they can combine the Advanced model with an additional Basic model in reserve. Available on the Windows platform only.


  • Unlimited time and volume-based license
  • Use the total number of licensed CPU cores
Ideal for:

Scan service providers, companies and organizations looking to invest just once in their document conversion workflow in order to reduce costs significantly.


By licensing additional CPU cores, the PDF Compressor Server can process millions of pages every month. Available on the Windows and Linux platform.

System requirements

Windows system requirements

  • Windows® 32-bit or 64-bit, Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Server 2008 / Server 2012 / Server 2016
  • CPU Speed: 1 GHz, 2 GHz or more (recommended)
  • RAM: 1 GB minimum, 2 GB per processor core (recommended) more than 2 GB for conversion of very large documents on 64 bit systems
  • HDD: 1 GB available storage space
  • Microsoft® .NET Framework 4.0

Linux system requirements

  • Linux 64 Bit system with glibc 2.12 or higher, libstdc++.so.6 and libgcc_s.so.1
  • Tested on CentOS 6.5 and 6.9 as well as on Ubuntu 14.04 and 16.04
  • CPU: Intel / AMD or compatible x64 processors
  • CPU Speed: Minimum 1 GHz, 2 GHz or more recommended
  • RAM: Minimum 1 GB, 2 GB per pdf_comp process recommended, more than 2 GB for conversion of very large documents
  • Disk space required for installation: 300 MB