Maestro Recognition Server OCR

Maestro Recognition Server OCR - Overview

OCR Software for Highly Efficient Document Scanning, Storage, and Retrieval

Enterprises, government agencies, and growing organizations utilize Maestro Recognition Server to reliably and efficiently convert their scanned paper and image documents to text searchable PDFs. Maestro combines image pre-processing and a proprietary voting OCR engine to deliver leading text recognition accuracy out of the box. In addition, the OCR software utilizes automation and multiple high-volume processing capabilities to streamline document scanning, storage, and archiving workflows even at an enterprise scale.

OCR Accuracy, Speed, and Simplicity

Foxit’s Maestro Recognition Server has been engineered for automated, high-volume document scanning & OCR needs. Maestro converts paper and scanned documents into searchable PDF files. In addition, Maestro automates the OCR process by converting any document as it enters a watched folder according to configurable settings chosen by the user. Beyond OCR automation, Maestro incorporates unlimited multi-threading and batch OCR to accommodate high-volume scanning, up to billions of pages per year to make Maestro a true enterprise OCR software solution.

Maestro is designed for high OCR accuracy, speed, and simplicity. Maestro delivers highly accurate text recognition rates by utilizing advanced image pre-processing techniques as well as a proprietary voting OCR engine. Further, when configured at high-speed settings, Maestro can process close to 6,000 pages per hour per core on average. Lastly, Maestro is a flexible OCR solution which integrates easily into existing document imaging workflows while providing multiple workflow accessibility, allowing users to perform many image processing functions beyond OCR.

  • Highly accurate OCR designed for enterprise document scanning, archiving, and digitization
  • Watch folder mode for touchless, automated OCR
  • Batch OCR and unlimited multi-threading for rapid, high volume processing
  • Robust OCR functionality including error log files and confidence controls
  • Supports OCR input of 13 different file formats including TIFF & PDF
  • Control output generated in 13 different formats including PDF & PDF/A

OCR Accuracy, Reliability in Maestro Recognition Server

Highly accurate OCR can replace hours spent manually searching for critical information with a simple, instant keyword search. The OCR engine within Maestro is one of the most accurate OCR products available. Maestro's OCR has been tested and proven to recognize difficult text often missed by competing products, including text within low resolution captured documents, documents containing multi-directional text, and documents containing low-contrast color text.

More accurate OCR results translate into greater efficiency in indexing, searching for, and working with scanned documents. It also translates into more accurate data extraction, data mining for big data applications, and more efficient employees. With Maestro, users are able to instantly locate a single word within a multi-page document that may contain 1 or 1,000 pages; this is analogous to finding the needle in a haystack.

Faster Processing and Greater OCR Accuracy

Maestro's OCR has been tested to be more accurate than leading OCR engines. High accuracy recognition rates are achieved by leveraging advanced image processing techniques including: re-sampling, foreground and background separation, auto-rotation, and font learning.

25 B&W Files 11,650 words 10,151 words Foxit is 15%
25 Color Files 4,905 words 4,421 word Foxit is 11%

Advanced Image Processing

Maestro Recognition Server differentiates itself by delivering higher OCR accuracy through advanced image processing capabilities. With Maestro, images can be de-skewed & de-speckled for enhanced document quality. Maestro also supports IP features, including auto-rotation, auto color inversion, auto-cropping, and color re-sampling. Maestro's robust image processing functionality provides enhanced image quality prior to processing, and greater OCR accuracy as a result.

Advanced PDF Control

Maestro Recognition Server provides superior PDF control including: PDF linearization, advanced security, PDF/A compliance, metadata insertion, PDF display control, Bates stamping, and headers & footers. Maestro can output a linearized PDF for fast web view, allowing users to view a specified page within the PDF immediately while the rest of the document loads in the background. Maestro also provides advanced security functionality, including options for edit-protection, print-protection, and read-protection. With Maestro, users can reliably archive their documents with PDF/A compliance.

  • Watch Folders: Automate OCR processes. Watched folders enable users to leave the OCR process unattended; files are made text-searchable simply by being dropped into a folder.
  • OCR Accuracy: Maestro has been tested as one of the most accurate OCR engines available, able to locate difficult text often missed by competing products. More accurate OCR results produce more efficient employees and better document storage, access, and management.
  • Fast OCR: Process close to 6,000 pages per hour per core.
  • Batch OCR and Multi-Threading on Unlimited Cores: Maestro is designed for high volume, enterprise level processing of thousands up to billions of pages per year.
  • Convert Multiple Formats: Supports the conversion of PDF, TXT, RTF, JPG, TIFF and more into fully text searchable PDF files.
  • Error Monitoring Module: When processing errors occur, the system can automatically retry the job, and produce an error log at the end of the batch.
  • Maestro supports 118 languages, including Simplified and Traditional Chinese OCR, Japanese OCR, Korean, and Arabic.

System requirements

Windows Servers
  • CPU - Intel Pentium Processor or compatible 2.0 GHz and higher
  • Cores - At least 2 cores is recommended
  • RAM - 1GB RAM per core (At least 2GB per core is recommended)
  • OS - Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / 2012 / 2008
Linux Users
  • Run Windows emulation using VirtualBox 3 or later (VirtualBox is freeware)
Mac Users
  • The following are two methods in which you can run Foxit software on a Mac
  • Mac OS X running on an emulation (VM Fusion 2.0) of Windows
  • Mac running on a Windows Operating System (directly or using Bootcamp)