LuraTech Rendition Server

  • Centralized conversion
  • Easy to integrate and expand
  • In use business-wide

LuraTech Rendition Server

Central platform for business-wide, standardized conversion of documents to PDF and PDF/A

When would a business need a Rendition Server?

A business should take a closer look at the LuraTech Rendition Server if any of the following apply:

  • All sorts of different PDF tools are currently in use across different applications and processes, with results differing depending on the tool used.
  • The PDF tools are complex to use and require significant maintenance work. In the worst-case scenario, these tools are neither updated nor maintained.
  • It is difficult or even impossible to set up and adhere to a set of business-wide standards in areas such as PDF/A compliance, corporate identity, accessibility, business documents following the German Commercial Code, etc.
  • Huge quantities of data from across many business departments suddenly require processing all at once, each with their own different service level agreements(SLAs).
  • You have specialist PDF-based requirements, such as ZUGFeRD, archiving emails with attachments, etc.
  • Additional third-party PDF format converters or in-house platforms need to be integrated.

For many years, LuraTech has been a seasoned expert with highly specialist PDF and PDF/A know-how. The LuraTech Rendition Server now represents the first product to also integrate PDF technology from Foxit, including TextToPDF, Redaction, and more.

Centralized conversion

With the LuraTech Rendition Server, the process of converting documents to PDF finally achieves the level of quality and reliability you need. This newly-developed platform replaces approaches that use countless decentralized PDF exporters and converters from any number of developers, with varying service conditions and qu