Foxit Rendition Server

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  • Conversion as a service
    An on-premise web service for centralized document conversion to PDF and PDF/A. It enables the construction of a powerful transformation infrastructure which can be addressed by a wide range of programs and environments through a web service interface.
  • Highly scalable
    Utilizes threads and processes to parallelize processing, scaling capacity across additional servers which can be dynamically added to the array at any time. The redundant architecture enables massive parallelized operation, making scenarios such as load balancing and automatic failover possible.
  • Outstanding Compression
    Mixed raster content compression technology (MRC layer-based process): Our unique MRC process separates text and images into separate layers, with each segment optimally compressed according to its type.

  • Extensible
    A plugin interface allows you to add additional functions and converters. Other functions include OCR; barcode recognition; inserting backgrounds, overlays, and watermarks; assembling documents; embedding files; and redaction.
  • Central and Standardized
    Converts documents of all types to PDF finally achieves the level of quality and reliability you need. This newly-developed platform replaces approaches that use countless decentralized PDF exporters and converters from any number of developers, producing high quality and consistent results.
  • Manageable
    The flexible priority management permits dedicated Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for specific jobs and business departments. Thanks to its sophisticated priority management features, a Rendition Server is ideally structured to handle unforeseeable peak loads. Extensive logging and fine-grained audit trails allow detailed evaluation of results.