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  • Outstanding Document Compression
    The award-winning mixed raster content (MRC) layer-based compression technology compresses high-resolution black-and-white, grayscale and color scanned documents, with compression ratios of 1:100 or better. Outstanding image quality and text legibility are preserved, while storage costs and share-ability are greatly improved.
  • Archive Documents
    The PDF Compressor Enterprise produces standardized file formats including PDF and PDF/A. This makes the software fully interoperable with other products and the files completely independent of any single developer. ISO-compliant PDF/A documents will remain openable, readable, and available far into the future.
  • Search Documents
    Integrated Optical Character Recognition technology recognition written text in image documents, such as scanned and faxed documents. OCR allows full text searching for all PDF and PDF/A files so users can quickly locate specific files.

  • Single Document Format
    The PDF Compressor Enterprise turns all your data – whether scanned or born-digital – into a single unifying file format. Standardizing document structure drastically reduces the time and effort required for further processing.
  • Enterprise Scalability
    Flexible enough to meet almost any document management need for scan service providers and corporate DMS/ECM departments. PDF Compressor successfully processes everything from occasional jobs to huge numbers of documents.
  • Flexible Licensing Models
    With three different licensing models – project-based, annual and unlimited – the PDF Compressor Enterprise is flexible enough to meet any project's demands.