PDF Solutions

Achieve More with PDFs

Consistent user experience from desktop to mobile. The powerful PDF editor transforms how you create and modify documents. Fast and feature-rich readers to view and collaborate.

Connect Authors & Users

When a team collaborates, it works at its best. Elevate your teamwork with shared reviews for interactive feedback, send requests to others to get a file, and integration with leading CMSs.

Control After Publishing

Keep track of the interaction of your PDF documents after you publish. Track to see who opens your PDF document and what they do, notify readers of new updates, and grant and revoke document access.


Powerful PDF editor that supports the complete document lifecycle – create, review, edit, and manage.

  • Create PDF files from multiple sources and then modify text, objects, format, organization, and layout with powerful document editing capabilities
  • Secure sensitive information by granting and revoking document access, redacting specific information, encryption, or digital signatures
  • Collaborate through shared review, sharing your PDF files on cloud storage services, and integrating with leading CMSs
  • Go paperless with scanning, OCR, and editing of paper documents
  • Export to Microsoft Office

Foxit Reader

Super-fast, feature rich PDF reader that offers a delightful reading experience in a small footprint.

  • Easy to use interface based on the familiar Microsoft Office ribbon, which can be customized for your particular preferences.
  • Create PDF documents from multiple sources
  • Provide feedback to document authors
  • Post opinions or ideas in the document's Discussion Board
  • Share files with integration through popular cloud storage services
  • Tools to assist in standardization of enterprise-wide deployments

Foxit Studio Photo

Easy to use photo editor with the necessary toolsets required to edit photos and create digital compositions.

  • Clean user interface
  • Integrated automated photo adjustment features
  • Multiple layer creation capabilities
  • Batch and organize images
  • Supports various file types

Foxit PDF Reader Mobile

Mobile PDF readers with powerful business capabilities to be part of an overall enterprise document solution.

  • Available for Android, iOS, and Windows mobile devices
  • Integrated with Microsoft Intune support
  • Provide feedback to document authors with annotation tools and shared review participation
  • Share PDF files through integration with popular cloud storage services
  • Easy navigation with bookmark management, text search, and powerful reflow
  • Read and annotate Microsoft Rights Management protected files

PDF Toolkit

Plug-in-play modules to automate high-volume PDF workflows or to integrate into your own applications.

  • Superior performance through CLI and API interfaces
  • Modules to convert to and from PDF files
  • Modules to protect PDF documents
  • Modules to set document metadata information and compress file size
  • Modules to manipulate PDF files – add watermarks, organize pages, and insert headers and footers


Digital data capture from paper forms – significantly faster and more accurate than OCR, or manual key-from-image data re-entry.

  • Users complete a conventional PDF fillable form, during which a 2D barcode is dynamically rendered within the form to store user entered form data. The 2D barcode symbol created onto the printed form is a machine-readable portable database of form contents.
  • Scanning the 2D barcode from the printed form instantly extracts all variable form data to any electronic format with 100% accuracy.
  • Automated forms data capture using 2D barcode can be 20 times more cost effective than manual re-keying, including key-from-image.
  • 2D barcode provides a higher level of data extraction accuracy (100%) compared to OCR. It can also be up to five times more cost effective than OCR because it eliminates the inefficient and expensive manual interventions required as part of OCR data quality control. 2D barcodes also reduces dependency on strict form templates required for zonal OCR.


PDS® is a PDF based data entry system that allows you to unify all of your paper-based data capture processes throughout the enterprise.

  • Powerful client-server application that serves to manually capture data from paper forms of all kinds
  • Supports single forms to multi-page applications
  • Can simultaneously handle different form types.
  • Designed to dramatically reduce your global paper data capture costs.

PDF IFilter

Allows PDF files to be included in Windows search results through super-fast file indexing.

  • Designed to unleash the computing power of today's advanced server architectures to perform crawls at blazing speeds
  • Superior performance and scalable PDF solution to reduce customers' total cost of ownership through decreased costs of server hardware, data center floor space, power and cooling, and administration
  • Supports multiple languages, including Asian languages and right-to-left languages, with ease
  • Supports indexing of ISO 32000-1 (which based upon PDF 1.7), PDF-A, and Adobe PDF files

Foxit PDF Across the Enterprise

These User Productivity products integrate seamlessly with our Enterprise Automation and Developer Solutions products, giving you a complete PDF solution across your enterprise. So you can ensure everyone who works with PDF files—from users who handle a few a day to departments that convert thousands an hour—has the functionality they need.