Extends the original PDFium code

Google turned to Foxit's PDF technology to supply the open source PDF rendering engine for the PDFium project. Foxit SDK now makes it easier to use for the PDF developer community by providing custom builds of PDFium, special interfaces to integrate PDFium with Foxit's other more powerful PDF SDKs, priority support and professional services to ensure that customers can use an open source project in their projects with confidence.

More Functionality

Premium PDFium adds missing functionality such as annotations, watermarks, barcodes, security, digital signatures, manipulate form fields, low-level PDF object access, metadata and many other features.

Customization and services

Why not ask the experts to extend and build more functionality into your project with our customization services. We can design, build and integrate upon the existing PDFium code to deliver excellent results for your company.

As the original authors of PDFium we have the in-house expertise to help with PDFium in any way that your organization requires.

Maintenance and support

Have a dedicated Foxit Solution Engineer support your team with the tough stuff and ensure a smooth and successful integration into your application. We will provide premium support services to match premium technology. Included in the package is continuous upgrades, fixes, patches and solutions without the hassle.

All of the functionality that PDFium has plus these powerful features:

Image Conversion

  • bmp conversion (BMP to PDF and PDF to BMP)
  • TIF conversion (TIF to PDF and PDF to TIF)
  • PNG conversion (PNG to PDF and PDF to PNG)
  • JPX conversion (JPX to PDF and PDF to JPX)
  • JPG conversion (JPG to PDF and PDF to JPG )
  • Image conversion between above image types (Not support to generate GIF file)
  • GIF conversion (GIF to PDF)


  • View existing forms
  • Modify form fields
  • Add and remove form fields
  • Create new forms
  • Allow users to fill in forms
  • Perform form field JavaScript
  • Export and import form data by XML/FDF/XFDF file
  • Access form data
  • Set or read form field values and properties


  • Generate barcode bitmap

Microsoft RMS Integration

  • Protect (encrypt) file
  • Un-protect (decrypt) file


  • Certificate
  • Remove document permissions
  • Password
  • Set document permissions
  • Custom Encryption

Pressure Sensitive Ink

  • Generate PSI
  • Convert PSI bitmap to PDF Annotation

Annotation Operations

  • Get annotations
  • Create
  • FDF import and export
  • Get annotations by tab order
  • Import/export all annotations
  • Get an annotation's dictionary
  • Edit
  • Remove
  • Set status

Supported Annotation Types

  • Text (note)
  • Free text (typewriter)
  • Line
  • Square
  • Circle
  • Polygon
  • Polyline
  • Highlight
  • Underline
  • Squiggly
  • Strikeout
  • Stamp
  • Caret
  • Ink (pencil)
  • Popup
  • File attachment
  • Watermark


  • Create from image
  • Create from bitmap
  • Remove all watermarks from a page
  • Create from text
  • Create from page
  • Get/remove a specified watermark from a page


  • Import and export annotation data

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