What’s new in PhantomPDF 9.3 and learning how to use it

by Frank Kettenstock, Chief Marketing Officer


The latest release of our flagship PDF Editor software, Foxit PhantomPDF 9.3 offers enhancements to accessibility and SharePoint integration, and delivers better user experience.

Key features in PhantomPDF 9.3 include:

  • Improved accessibility features– Performs more actions more easily when using accessible PDFs, such as:
    • Highlighting the current reading content when you use JAWS (“Job Access with Speech”) to read a document and streamline your workflow.
    • Supporting right-click menu when selecting multiple items with the Shift/Ctrl key in the Order panel to perform actions quickly.
    • Finding a tag in the Tags tree faster with the option Find Tag From
  • More effective workflow for SharePoint integration– Provides a number of new features, such as:
    • Option to pin frequently used folders/libraries for quick access
    • Overwrite an existing file in SharePoint when creating a file with the same name from the SharePoint plugin.
    • Add an option to navigate back to SharePoint root folders when choosing from recent folders or accessing a new library that is not in the root folder.
  • Enhanced PDF printing– Prints PDFs using custom settings in Print Dialog Presets, if any exist.

If enhancements like these are important to your organization, give the new PhantomPDF 9.3 a look.

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    1. Laura Silva

      Yes, you are able to cut and paste things on documents i.e. text, images and shapes. Comments and annotations you can’t.


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