Frequently Asked Questions

Sales FAQ

  1. Where can I get the price details for Foxit products?
    Please visit the webpage (
  2. Do I have to buy extra licenses if the attempted users are more than stipulated ones listed on the pricing list?
    Yes, you do. If the attempted users are more than stipulated ones listed online, some of users will get evaluation marks posted on the page.
  1. How can I order Foxit Products if I don't have a credit card?
    You can order our products through Pay pal or wire transfer. For Pay pal payment, please send your email notification to us after you payment is sent to our Pay pal ID, which is For wire transfer, please write to for our bank account information.
  1. What can I do if I order a wrong product?
    Please write to us immediately with email subject line "Wrong Order purchased". Upon your email notification, we will cancel your order and do a refund to your credit card soon.
  2. What can I do if I want to change the ordered product to another one, e.g. from Foxit PhantomPDF Express to Foxit PhantomPDF Business?
    Please send an email notification as soon as possible with the subject line "Order Changed". Before processing your order, we will have the product changed to the correct one upon your request and inform our accountant to deal with the balance of your payment.
  3. What can I do if I order a same product twice?
    Our sales usually will pick up these duplicate orders and double check with you. After getting your prompt confirmation, we will then process the refund for the duplicated one soon.
  4. How can I report a fraudulent transaction if someone I don't know places an order using my credit card?
    Please send us more information of that fraudulent transaction, such as purchase date, price amount and the last 4 digitals of your credit card we will respond to you as soon as possible.
  1. How can I get the registered key file again from Foxit if I lose it because of hard drive crash or purchasing a new machine?
    Please send back to us your order details like transaction ID, registered email, last 4 digitals of your credit card used for the purchase. Once verifying your information, we'll resend the key file to you.
  2. How soon will I receive the formal license key after placing an order?
    Usually we promise to send you a formal license key within one hour from the date you place the order. Actually you can get it faster than what you expect unless the key file is blocked by your email system, in which case you may have to call or write to us requesting it again.
  3. Why do I still get an evaluation warning after installing the key file?
    That is most likely because you install the key file improperly. Please check the "Key Problem" section of technical FAQ and find the instruction for installing key file.
  4. Can I have a temp key for the evaluation purpose only?
    Yes. Please specify how many users and how long you want to evaluate when you write to
  1. How soon will I get the formal invoice for my order by mail?

    Usually we will deliver electronic invoices by email to customers shortly. If a paper copy is needed, we will mail it out within three working days.

  2. What's your policy if I want to be one of your resellers?
    Please write to for more information about the policy if you're interested in becoming a Foxit reseller. You can provide your information to us by phone or email. After Foxit verify and confirm your information, we will issue a reseller ID to you. Using the reseller ID, you can order Foxit products online for your customers at any time. Your orders will be processed by Foxit sales immediately.
  3. Do you have sale offices or distributors worldwide?
    Currently we have sales offices established in US and China and have resellers worldwide. You can choose to buy our products from your resellers or order them directly from our web store.
  4. Can we host Foxit PDF Reader on our web server?
    We welcome people to add a link to Foxit PDF Reader ( or our homepage ( on your website, but don't want it to be hosted and downloaded from other sites except ours.
  5. Can I use Foxit products in my terminal server?
    Foxit products in terminal server should be accessed only by internal users of the organization, not by general public. Please calculate how many internal users you need for the purchase.
  6. Can I put the Foxit Reader into my free CD/VCD/DVD for free redistribution to my customers?
    Yes, you can feel free to include Foxit Reader into your free CD/VCD/DVD as long as you agree upon the free redistribution agreement and have it distributed with Foxit Reader. For the free redistribution agreement, please help to check the link for details
  7. What's the price for Foxit Reader SDK for Windows/Linux?
    Please help to fill in an online survey form of Foxit PDF Reader SDK following the link (, so that we could give you a valid quotation.
  8. I want to promote Foxit Reader,can I get the high resolution Foxit logo from you and put it on my website?
    Yes, you're welcome to get the high resolution Foxit logo from the link below: