Give Customers Easy Access to Bank Statements

Transform to a Paperless Bank

Banks go through hundreds to thousands of documents daily, such as mortgage documents, loan forms and client information. Handling so many documents can be time consuming and inefficient. Foxit can take any type of scanned document regardless of file type and convert them all into the PDF standard. Compress file sizes, OCR to text searchable, bookmark, index, and archive different documents with PDF Compressor. Edit, annotate, comment, sign, convert, and manipulate documents with PhantomPDF.

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Super-Fast PDF Browser Display for Anytime, Anywhere Access

Standardize KYC (Know Your Client) Procedure Documents

The first step to KYC procedures is verifying the identity of clients in case of fraud. However, this procedure involves a lot of different documents such as proof of identification and pay stubs that are sent in different file types. Foxit can take all client information documents coming in and convert them into a standard PDF format, while making them text searchable with OCR technology. Keep all of your client documents in a digital portfolio, and apply bookmarks to retrieve information easily. Edit, convert, and protect your client’s information all within a single organized platform.

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Enhance Your Document Editing

Give Customers Easy Access to Bank Statements

Your clients need to view their statements online and in print. Foxit’s PDF technology can integrate right into your application so customers get easy access to the information they need on their desktop or mobile devices.

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Take Document Security Further

Take Document Security Further

Complying with security and industry policies doesn’t end when your documents reach end users outside your organization. Foxit allows banks to grant and revoke access remotely using our full suite of security capabilities. Keep better control of digital documents and track them of who is accessing your files. Set password protection to restrict users from editing, manipulating, or printing digital files.

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Keep Better Control of Digital Documents

Save Time and Money Processing Hard Copy Forms

Sometimes simply using OCR to input data from printed forms is not enough. Foxit has 2D barcode technology that captures data from form fields and automatically extracts that information into a database. Now banks can easily extract client information they receive from mortgage, loan, or any other applications without having to manually do so.

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Make Everything About Forms Easier

Redact Documents for Bankruptcy Cases

In accordance to the Federal Rule of Bankruptcy Procedure 9037, banks must protect client information or “personal data identifiers” such as account numbers, tax identification numbers, and social security numbers. When clients need to get their documents for filing, banks have to make sure the documents they send out has confidential information redacted. Foxit’s powerful redaction tools can permanently remove sensitive data and make documents ready to e-filing in court.

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