Foxit® launches PDF software development kit 4.0

Everything Application Developers Need to Display andHave Users Interact with PDF Documents and Forms

FREMONT, Calif. April 15, 2014 – Foxit® Corporation, a leading provider of solutions for reading, editing, creating, organizing, and securing PDF documents, today announced the release of the Foxit PDF Software Development Kit (SDK) 4.0.  The industry leading Foxit PDF SDK is targeted to application developers whose applications need to leverage powerful, standard-compliant PDF technology to securely display and have users interact with PDF documents and forms.

Optimized for enterprise class and cloud based applications, the PDF SDK delivers platform independent PDF libraries to render, edit, organize, convert, annotate, barcode, secure, and fill out PDF documents and forms.  This PDF SDK has been used in many of today’s leading applications – therefore it provides proven, robust, and battle tested PDF technology that provides the quality, performance, and features required for mission critical solutions.

  • Everything application developers need in one SDK.  This limits the number of PDF venders you do business with by managing only one contract across multiple platforms.

  • Allows developers to focus on compelling added value and not on PDF.

  • Foxit owns all the technology, so you don’t have to worry about IP infringement.

  • Provides improved time to market and flexible delivery.

Key capabilities of the Foxit PDF SDK 4.0 include:

Render PDF
High performance technology to display PDF the way it was intended to be viewed: sharp, clear, accurate, and easy to read.  Automatic reflow rearranges page content when the page size changes, which is useful for applications that have output devices with difference sizes.  Asynchronous support allows for access to PDF pages without loading the whole document, so applications do not have to wait for the whole PDF file to be downloaded before displaying and having users interact with them.

Page Organization
Developers can combine PDF files (partial or whole), extract any pages from a PDF to save as a new PDF, and delete specific pages from a PDF file.

Annotations and Watermarks
Annotations enhance the interactivity between collaborating colleagues to share ideas and feedback. The PDF SDK provides for annotation creation, properties access, and modification. It also allows for the import and export of annotations by FDF file to make it easier to share annotations.

Watermarks are widely used PDF annotation that consists of a visible embedded overlay on a document, typically text, an image, or a copyright notice. The purpose of a watermark is to identify the work and discourage its unauthorized use. Foxit PDF SDK allows applications to create, insert, release, and remove watermarks.

Text Editing and Manipulation
A page object is a feature that empowers developers with the ability to easily manipulate text, path, image, and FormX objects. Developers can add and delete PDF objects in a page and set specific attributes. Using the page object edit API, users can programmatically create PDF pages from object contents. Other uses of page objects are to add headers and footers, add images, and generate a template PDF on demand.  Developers can implement high performance text features in their application to extract, select, search, and retrieve text in PDF documents. It also can be used to provide text to search index services.

PDF Forms
PDF forms are a powerful method to fill out forms and to gather data. Completed forms can then be saved and data can be saved to backend databases. The Foxit PDF SDK allow developers to view and edit form fields programmatically, allowing users to fill in forms, perform form fields' JavaScript, export and import form data by FDF(Forms Data Format) file, and access form data.

Many applications need to apply information rights management protections on files containing confidential information to govern who can read, print, annotate, and modify those files. The Foxit PDF SDK provides a range of encryption and decryption functions to meet different levels of document security protection. It allows developers to implement password encryption and certificate-driven encryption or use their own security handler for a custom security implementation.

Barcodes are widely used in many industries to improve data management and accessibility, strengthen access control systems, and increase productivity. The PDF SDK provides APIs to generate a barcode bitmap from a given string. Supported barcode types include 1D barcode (Code39, Code128, EAN8, UPCA, EAN13, and ITF) and 2D barcode (PDF417 and QR).

Image Conversion
The ability to convert image files into PDF and to convert PDF into image files.  Image file format support includes BMP, JPG, PNG, TIF, and JPX.

Pressure Sensitive Ink (PSI)
PSI allows users to write and draw on PDF document just as they would on paper by providing precise control to capture ink subtleties. Users can more finely control the appearance of their annotations, such as custom thickness, color, opacity, and texture.

Supported Platforms
Foxit PDF SDK 4.0 is supported on the following platforms: Microsoft® Windows®, OS X® (Mac OS®), and Linux®.  Other platforms can be available upon request.

"Enterprise class applications and cloud services require a robust and proven PDF capability that provides high performance and is feature rich,” said Bill Bean, AVP of SDK Prime. “The PDF SDK reduces developers’ costs, improves time to market, and allows them to concentrate on providing compelling added value to differentiate themselves in their competitive markets.”

For more information, contact Foxit at or at 1-866-MYFOXIT.

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