Foxit PhantomPDF 7 brings first PDF Shared Review to Desktop and Mobile users

FREMONT, Calif. September 24, 2014 – Foxit® Software, a leading software provider of fast, affordable, and secure PDF solutions, today launched PhantomPDF 7.0, the next major release of PDF software which provides users a cost effective solution to securely work with PDF documents and forms.  New capabilities in PhantomPDF 7.0 include Shared Review, an Outlook® Add-in, Document Sanitization, increased PDF portfolio support, document modification improvements, security improvements, 2D barcode display, and more.

PhantomPDF is a full featured business ready PDF solution to view, create, edit, comment, share, secure, organize, export, OCR, secure, and sign PDF documents and forms.  PhantomPDF is available in two editions, PhantomPDF Business and PhantomPDF Standard, which offer an extensive range of usability and power features that meet the requirements of large enterprises, small and medium-sized businesses, and consumers.

Details of the new capabilities in PhantomPDF 7.0 include:

First Shared Review for Desktop and Mobile Users

Foxit Shared Review bridges the gap between mobile and desktop knowledge workers to foster positive collaboration to develop better documents.  Shared Review allows document authors to share a document where all reviewers can provide comments and view and respond to each other’s comments.  Since knowledge workers use both desktop and mobile devices, PhantomPDF Business users can initiate a Shared Review to include users of the Foxit Reader (desktop users) and the MobilePDF Business apps (mobile iOS® and Android™ users).

Document authors can host a Shared Review on a network folder, SharePoint workspace, or through an email based review.  Authors can manage document reviews and view the status of each review. 

Outlook Add-in

The PhantomPDF Outlook Add-in provides a PDF creation and editing capability by enabling users to convert emails to PDF directly from the Microsoft® Outlook® application.  Once created, users can archive or edit the PDF.  Users can select one email, several emails, or even a whole email folder.  The output can be a PDF portfolio or a PDF file containing all the emails and email attachments.  The automatic archival feature allows users to convert preset folders to PDF file automatically.

Document Sanitization

During the development of a document, multiple modifications occur due to collaborative annotations, attached files for reference, and other information that the author may not want to make public in the final document.  Before final publishing, the Document Sanitization feature will remove 13 different kinds of information from your document like metadata, comments, hidden data from previous saves, hidden layers, overlapping objects, and more.   Therefore, authors can publish documents with confidence.

PDF Portfolios

Enables PDF Portfolio creation and editing.  This enables PhantomPDF users to view and edit existing compliant PDF portfolios – protecting users’ investments in existing portfolios.  Users can also create new portfolios which can be viewed from any compliant PDF reader or edited from any compliant PDF editor.

Modify Document Improvements

Today’s documents are frequently being changed and updated over time.  In the past, knowledge workers struggled to convert content back and forth between word processors and PDF and not lose content changes or layout.  PhantomPDF is addressing this issue by providing powerful editing capabilities similar to a word processor to significantly increase the productivity of users.  PhantomPDF 7.0 enhances existing editing capabilities by enabling users to: 

  • Link together text boxes in a document with sophisticated layout and have the text automatically reflow across the text boxes as you edit.

  • Write and draw on PDF documents just as they would on paper through Pressure Sensitive Ink (PSI) technology.

  • Replicate the text’s style (font, bold, color, etc.) when copying and pasting text.

  • Edit an objects shading, change text to shape, and text merge/split.

Digital Signature Security

PhantomPDF has been enhanced to help protect the integrity of digitally signed PDFs by providing the following new features:

  • To protect against unauthorized usage of a digital signature, PhantomPDF users can set a password to protect their digital signature.  Therefore, no one can use your digital signature without knowing the correct password, even if they gain physical access to your computer which contains the digital signature.

  • Enables users to digitally sign XML Forms Architecture (XFA) forms and verify the digital signatures on XFA forms signed by others.

RMS Security Improvements

Foxit PhantomPDF allows users to consume, modify, and protect PDF in Microsoft Active Directory® Rights Management Services and Azure™ Active Directory Rights Management environments.  New enhancements to this solution include:

  • A mechanism that revokes a PDF document that has already been issued, which is called dynamic revocation. For example, remove rights from an individual when they leave your organization or remove access to a document when it becomes out of date.

  • Ability for users to sort, filter, correlate, and analyze log entries, for information such as who accessed documents, which documents were accessed and when, how many copies were printed, and more.  This provides valuable business intelligence regarding the usage of protected documents.

  • Additional access rights control allowing the document owner to control the following:

-  The number of times a user can access a document.

­-  The number of times a user can print a document.

­-  Select which pages users are allowed to access.  This is very valuable when it’s required to provide rights to only certain pages of a document.

-  Only allow users within an IP white list to access the document – for example, only users in the building versus external users.

  •  Protection (encryption) PDF files when creating the PDF files using the Foxit add-ins within Microsoft Office.

2D Barcode Display

Displays 2D barcode generated from Ultraforms® enabled fillable PDF forms.  Foxit Ultraforms enabled forms generate a 2D barcode right onto the form that contains the variable data entered into the form by the end user. After printing and signing, submitted forms can be quickly scanned and the form’s data can be easily and accurately captured into databases or applications.

“Foxit PhantomPDF 7.0 delivers a full featured PDF solution that enables users to be more productive when working with PDF documents and forms,” says Frank Kettenstock, VP of Marketing at Foxit.  “By providing fast, affordable, and secure PDF software, PhantomPDF delivers a superior return on investment compared to other PDF products.”

For more information, contact Foxit at http://www.foxitsoftware.comor at 1-866-MYFOXIT.

About Foxit Software

Foxit is a leading software provider of fast, affordable, and secure PDF solutions.  Businesses and consumers increase productivity by using Foxit’s cost effective solutions to securely work with PDF documents and forms.  Software developers reduce costs and improve time to market with Foxit’s Software Development Kits (SDKs) to incorporate robust PDF technology into their application workflows. This technology shares the same underlying technology that powers Google’s open-source PDFium project. Winner of numerous awards, Foxit boasts over 275 million users and has sold to over 100,000 customers located in over 200 countries. Since Foxit products are ISO 32000-1/PDF 1.7 standard compliant, they are compatible with other PDF products like those from Adobe®.


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