Foxit WebPDF Viewer - Overview

High Performance PDF Rendering through Web Browsers

Foxit WebPDF Viewer is a cross-platform solution for quickly displaying, annotating, filling, signing and manipulating PDF documents in a web browser on desktop and mobile devices. Built on Foxit’s widely-used core PDF technology, WebPDF Viewer provides extensive and easy-to-use features for online PDF viewing without requiring any additional software to be installed locally.

Feature Spotlight

  • High Performance PDF Viewer
  • Offline Mode for viewing Cached PDFs
  • Annotation support (typewriter, pencil, note, highlight, underline and shapes)
  • Set PDF Metadata tags for a Document
  • Ink Signatures and API’s for Digital Signatures
  • Display, Fill and Export PDF Forms
  • Watermarks and Dynamic Stamps
  • Full-text Searching and native Text Selection
  • Document Security and Enhanced Permissions API
  • Server-side and Client-side Viewing Modes
  • Single Server or Cluster Installation Options
  • API for annotations management (import/export) through FDF/XFDF
  • PDF Flattening and Manipulation
  • REST APIs for easy Web App Integration
  • Docker Image Deployment support
  • Windows and Linux Servers supported
  • IE, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera Browser Supported
  • Large file support (up to 2GB)

With the WebPDF Viewer developers can rapidly customize and integrate powerful PDF viewer functionality into their web apps with minimal effort using JavaScript, HTML and CSS. REST APIs are provided to make communication between WebPDF Viewer and related web apps or content management systems simple.

For complete document control, server-side and client-side viewing modes are provided, allowing the web app developer to decide whether PDF files are rendered and displayed from the web server or whether the PDF files are rendered and displayed locally in the clients browser using JavaScript.

Deployment options include support for single server instances or cloud computing platforms such as Amazon, Microsoft Azure and IBM for distributed deployment.

Docker container mode deployment

Foxit WebPDF Viewer provides docker mode deployment. The WebPDF Viewer docker image is a portable WebPDF Viewer package that includes all the features in the regular WebPDF Viewer with all components and dependencies pre-configured. It provides you with a simplified configuration, and helps to increase your productivity for faster deployment. You can try WebPDF Viewer’s docker image at

System requirements

Operating systems: Window 7, 8, 10, 2008 and 2012 (64 bit)

Minimum processor: 8 core @3.6 GHz (recommended: 32 core @2.0 GHz)

Minimum memory (RAM): 16 GB (recommended: 64 GB)

Hard Disk Space: 500 MB for installation director, 10 GB for cache directory

Operating systems: Linux CentOS (64bit) (tested on CentOS 7.2)

Minimum processor: 8 core @3.6 GHz (recommended: 32 core @2.0 GHz)

Minimum memory (RAM): 16 GB (recommended: 64 GB)

Hard Disk Space: 500 MB for installation director, 10 GB for cache directory

Foxit WebPDF SDK also provides docker image. Please find it at

  • Server Rendering (SR) Engine: IE 9, 10, 11, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera
  • JavaScript Rendering (JR) Engine*: IE 10, 11, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera

* The JR Engine is not currently supported on mobile platforms.

PDF rendering

The core rendering technology of WebPDF Viewer is based on Foxit's PDF engine, a trusted component of award-winning applications and the same technology that powers Google's open-source PDFium project. PDF rendering capabilities include:

  • Tiled rendering
  • Offline mode
  • Industry’s highest fidelity rendering
  • Server-side and client-side viewing modes
  • User interfaces optimized for desktop and mobile device viewing
  • A flexible API for developers to customize the interface of the WebPDF reader (for more information, please refer to the Foxit WebPDF API reference guide)
  • Go to page (with shortcut key support)
  • Zoom in/out, fit width. Maximum zoom level is 1000%
  • Check document properties
  • Get and apply document restrictions
  • Display bookmarks
  • Page Manipulation
  • Page Flattening
  • Thumbnail view of each page in the document
  • Single/continuous page view, or full-screen view
  • Page rotation
  • Configure output image DPI per client display resolution


Allows users to perform operations on the text content, including:

  • Text copy and paste
  • Text search


Read and add comments to PDF documents, including:

  • Import/export annotations through FDF/XFDF
  • Display existing annotations
  • Allows users to add or delete their own annotations (including typewriter, note, pencil, highlight, strikeout, squiggly, underline, shapes, cloud, callout, polygon, polyline)
  • Stamp content, as well as dynamic information (name, date, time) into a PDF document.
  • Change the color of the annotations
  • List all the annotations in a panel and navigate through them
  • Add image as annotations
  • Textbox Tool
  • Undo/Redo Annotations


  • Display a watermark on selected PDF documents; watermarks can be configured for text, font, size, and color.
  • Dynamic watermarks that display end-user information to protect against unauthorized picture-taking of secure documents.

Password protection

PDF password protection for secured PDF files.


APIs for developers to integrate third-party digital signatures, including normal signature, cross-page signature, and ink signature. Digital signatures work across all supported web browsers, and can also be validated by bundling with digital certificates.

  • Sign one or multiple PDF pages with normal image signature
  • Ink Sign (use mouse or stylus to capture your handwritten signature)


  • Allow users to fill out AcroForms in WebPDF Reader
  • Import/export PDF form data from/to local or server
  • Support partial Javascripts which are calculation, validation and format


Print the open PDF document. Users can print the PDF with annotations, and/or with watermark.

Enhanced security

Import user permissions from a third-party system to set different functions for different users for each document. Allow some users to just view the document while letting others create annotations, for example.

Standard package

  • PDF viewing
  • Hand tool
  • Right-click menu (zoom, previous/next page, property)
  • Right-click menu after text selection (copy)
  • Text search
  • Print selected pages
  • Open doc with password
  • Zoom in/out
  • Thumbnail
  • Bookmark
  • Add watermark
  • Go to page
  • Insert page
  • Page Flattening
  • Split multi-sheet PDF files
  • Add tags as meta-data
  • Single/continuous page view, or full-screen view
  • Add fixed/dynamic watermark
  • Load/export file to third-party system
  • PDF document security restrictions property
  • Server-side and client-side viewing modes switch

Signature package

  • Add signature
  • Signature setting
  • Interface to third- party signature authority
  • Ink signature

Annotation package

  • Save PDF document and annotations with the data associated with the account
  • Select annotation
  • Add/delete annotation (typewriter, note, highlight, underline, pencil, stamp, line, arrow, oval, rectangle, cloud)
  • Right-click menu after text selection (highlight, underline)
  • Comment list panel
  • Reply to comments
  • Custom Stamps
  • Set color of annotation
  • Show or hide all annotations
  • Add Image as Annotation
  • Textbox Tool

Form package

  • Fill in Acroform
  • Import/export PDF form data from/to local or server

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Customers choose this product for the following reasons:

Powered by Foxit’s high fidelity rendering PDF engine

The core technology of WebPDF Viewer is based on Foxit’s PDF engine, which is trusted by a large number of well-known companies. Foxit’s powerful engine makes document viewing fast and consistent in all environment.

In addition, Foxit’s products are offered with the full support of our dedicated solution engineers if support and maintenance options are purchased. Updates are released on a regular basis. Foxit WebPDF Viewer will be the most cost-effective choice if you want to develop a cross-platform PDF document viewing solution that can control document distribution.

Solve two major problems in one

Foxit WebPDF Viewer solves two major needs frequently faced by software development organizations.

  • Cloud and server-based environments display content on non-standardized, heterogeneous clients. Application developers use PDF to ensure a robust, high-fidelity, and consistent end-user experience across platforms. But support costs can accelerate if end users don’t have a PDF viewer installed locally or if the PDF viewer is out of date. This SDK quickly and easily solves the problem with a web-based PDF viewer that supports all popular browsers.
  • Second, document owners may want to control how their documents are distributed. Once a document is downloaded, distribution is difficult to control. This SDK provides the application with a convenient and secure way to provide end users access to the file on a server (when using the server-side viewing option) but still control viewing, annotation, printing, and similar operations.

No downloads needed

Foxit WebPDF Viewer is a rapid SDK that allows developers to provide a complete PDF viewer with powerful tools through web browsers without requiring additional software downloads or installation. Since browsers are device-agnostic, end users can use any popular desktop or mobile device.

Full control of documents

The original document can be stored and viewed server-side without being download by user to the document owner retains full control. It also supports importing user permissions from a third-party system to set different functions for different users.

Server-side and Client-side

Foxit WebPDF Viewer can render documents in two different modes. The mode that the application developer chooses to use will be based on their particular requirements such as whether the documents that need to be viewed are stored on a server or stored locally on the end-users machine. Each mode provides different benefits.

Server-side Rendering

The Server Rendering (SR) engine ensures that the document is rendered and displayed server-side without the actual PDF being downloaded to the end-users machine or device, so your business has complete control over how the documents are distributed. The SR includes all features –available in Foxit WebPDF Viewer and works on desktkop and mobile devices.

Client-side Rendering

The JavaScript Rendering (JR) engine is faster than the SR engine when files are being opened from the users’ local machine, rather than a remote server, because it can parse and render the PDF file in the client-browser directly. PDF files stored on a server will be downloaded to the clients-browser in order to be rendered and display which enables fast viewing, zooming and offline viewing. However, this engine is not recommended for use if controlling document distribution is one of your requirements.

WebPDF Viewer also provides the ability for the application developer to control which rendering engine is used based on the security permissions of the person viewing the document.

Save money, move faster

The Foxit WebPDF Viewer is a high-performance, cross-platform, client-independent solution that reduces developer costs, improves time to market, increases customer satisfaction, increased security/control of sensitive documents, and decreases costs through reduced support calls.

Fully customizable

Developers can easily design a unique style for their WebPDF Viewer interface, and make it consistent to their web application using HTML/CSS and JavaScript.

Easy to integrate

Developers can easily create a REST API to get and export document methods in the web application, which can be integrated with WebPDF Viewer.

Integrated server components

The installation package includes the web container and database. It also provides a way to quickly support cluster environments.

Standard and consistent annotation data

The annotations in WebPDF Viewer are consistent when viewing in other applications.

Below is the full list of changes to WebPDF Viewer

New Features for API

  • Insert pages
    Adds WebPDF.ViewerInstance.insertPagesFromSteam that allows you to import pages from external PDF stream into current file
  • Page manipulation
    Adds WebPDF.ViewerInstance.splitDocByPageRange(function() that allows you to split multi-sheet PDF files into individual files
  • PDF file flattening
    Adds WebPDF.ViewerInstance.flattenPages(function() that allows you to flatten document annotations and form fields
  • Set PDF metadata tags for a document
    Adds WebPDF.ViewerInstance. getMetaData() and setMetaData() that allows you to add tags to PDF as meta-data

New Features for UI Extension

8 New Annotation Tools

  • Adds 'cloud tool' which allow users to draw a cloud using the cursor and annotate on a pop-up comment
  • Adds 'Textbox tool" to allow users to create a custom width textbox and add it onto the page using the mouse
  • Adds 'insert text tool' to allow users to insert text with a pop-up annotation
  • Adds 'replace text tool' to allow users to strikeout selected text and insert replacement with a pop-up annotation
  • Adds 'highlight area tool' which allows users to highlight any selected objects on the page
  • Adds 'insert image annotation tool' to allow users to select an image from their local file system and put it on the page
  • Adds 'distance tool' to allow users to measure an object's length or height, or distance between two points
  • Adds 'custom standard stamps' tool to allow users to manage standard stamps which they created

3 New Zoom Tools

  • Adds 'marquee tool' to allow users to click and drag an area of interest to zoom closer on your page
  • Adds 'loupe tool' to allow users to change the magnification in a separate window to view in closer detail
  • Adds 'pan and zoom tool' to allow users to adjust magnifications levels in a small window and easily move around a PDF

2 Other Tools

  • Adds 'snapshot tool' to select an area to capture and save to clipboard and/or download
  • Adds 'undo/redo' features to allow users to undo or redo annotations

3 Improvements

  • Largest file size supported is 2 GB
  • The maximum zoom level increased to 1,000% from 200%
  • Annotations like Textbox, rectangle, oval etc., can be filled up with colors