Mobile Scanning Solutions

Mobile Scanning Solutions - Overview

The professional solution for scanning and converting documents on smartphones and tablets.

Businesses maintain the highest possible quality standards when scanning incoming paper mail, allowing them to use sophisticated systems to assign it to the appropriate employee's digital inbox with a minimum of manual intervention.

Increasingly, though, we are all starting to use smartphones and tablets instead of paper mail – to "just quickly scan this document" by photographing it and sending it as an email attachment. The quality of these images tends to be problematic, and processing them is an entirely manual job.

This is where Mobile Scanning Solutions come in, providing solutions that ensure the ideal document is produced right at the moment of capture on the smartphone. We've developed a whole range of filtering and QA algorithms and made them available both as an app and in SDK form.

Make a virtue out of necessity: equip your app with the ability to scan or digitally submit documents. The Mobile Scanning Solutions provide everything you need. Development time is minimal – we've already solved each problem for you.

Naturally, the software also includes our award-winning MRC technology: fourth-generation mobile networks may be fast, but users are still limited by their data allowances – there's no need for them to use it all up sending just one or two documents.

Maximum document quality, less manual processing, streamlined document management within your business. Increase the range of services offered to your customers to include digital document submission. And all of this with a minimum of development work: Mobile Scanning Solutions!

Mobile scanning, processing and compression: three different options

PDF Scanner

PDF Scanner is the complete app that turns your smartphone into a mobile scanner for use on the move. Top-quality images, compressed into high-quality PDF files and optionally fully text-searchable. The ideal solution for mailrooms, cloud solutions and emailing.

  • Automatic focusing and release
  • Automatic scaling and cropping
  • Ongoing quality control during capture
  • Automatically set brightness, contrast and color values
  • Output as long-term archivable PDF/A-2u files or a series of JPEGs
  • Machine-readable list of all scanned documents
  • Post-processing for PDF and JPEG files

Mobile Compression SDK

The toolkit for app developers that lets you integrate the benefits of mobile compression into your own business applications. Can your app already scan documents? Does it receive them from network scanners or other devices? Then this is the right product for you, allowing you to produce highly compressed PDF or

  • Award-winning PDF MRC compression, including JBIG2, JPEG2000 and more
  • Interfaces for integration with OCR output (e.g. ABBYY XML formats)
  • Create, open and save PDF files
  • Copy, move and rotate PDF files
  • Multi-threading implementation for ideal performance and user experience
  • Simpler interfaces than the standard PDF SDK, for shorter development times

Mobile Scanning RDK

Comprehensive package of toolkits for use individually or together. Just the solution for app developers looking to embed scanning functionality into their apps without worrying about features such as image processing, camera management and scanning quality. The Mobile Scanning RDK guarantees the minimum possible development times.

The RDK is made up of the following components:

  • Mobile Compression SDK
  • Mobile Imaging SDK
  • Image Capturing SDK
  • Image Processing SDK
  • PDF Session SDK
  • Document Management SDK
  • PDF Scanner app source code, based on the Mobile Scanning RDK

The toolkit for app developers aiming to integrate the award-winning MRC compression technology into their own apps.

Turn images into minimally-sized PDF files within the app while ensuring excellent image quality.

Mobile Compression SDK integrates easily into a range of environments including C++, iOS Objective-C and Android Java. Xamarin Bindings are available upon request.

A scanned full-color, single-page A4 PDF created with the Mobile Compression SDK will take up 40kB of storage space or less. A similar quality JPEG would easily take up ten times the space or more.



  • Award-winning PDF MRC compression, including JBIG2, JPEG2000 and more
  • Interfaces for integration with OCR output (e.g. ABBYY XML formats)
  • Create, open and save PDF files
  • Copy, move and rotate PDF files
  • Multi-threading implementation for ideal performance and user experience

Easy implementation

Thanks to a simplified interface in comparison with the standard PDF SDK, as well as clear, comprehensible documentation, development times are kept as short as possible.

High performance

The Mobile Compression SDK offers industry-leading document compression based on international standards. Produce guaranteed regulations-compliant PDF or PDF/A files.

Outstanding technical support

Access to experts: at Foxit you have a direct line to the developers, who will answer your questions and assist with implementation. No ticket, no call center, just solutions-focused advice. We're only happy if our customers are happy.

The Mobile Scanning RDK is the comprehensive solution for all developers aiming to build a scanning app or integrate scanning functionality into an existing app.

The Mobile Scanning RDK consists of a wide selection of specialized SDKs offering a range of functions. Each has a modular structure and can be used individually or all integrated together, depending on the scope of the project.

The Mobile Scanning RDK meets all the promises behind the Mobile Scanning Solutions product family: the best possible scans at the point of capture through quality control and user guidance; highly-compressed, 100% standards-compliant PDF files; the ideal user experience; easy integration and much more!

Want to see for yourself? Download the PDF Scanner from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store! Our own app is based on the Mobile Scanning RDK, and the Mobile Scanning RDK includes a copy of our app's source code. It really doesn't get any easier.


Basic SDK components – Mobile Compression SDK

Provides all PDF compression functionality, including MRC compression, optional OCR, create, copy and move PDFs.

This component is also available individually as the Mobile Compression SDK.

Basic SDK components – Imaging SDK

Provides all image processing functionality, including document recognition, perspective correction, white balancing, corner recognition, rotation, glare compensation, brightness and contrast adjustment, etc.

Image Capturing SDK

  • Manages the device's camera
  • Real-time document recognition
  • Supports manual camera adjustment
  • Interfaces for Android and iOS

Image Processing SDK

  • Edits images stored in the photo gallery
  • Selects documents from photographed images
  • Adds asynchronous processing to the Imaging SDK (GUI …)

PDF Session / PDF Management SDK

  • Image storage management during processing: automatically saves and loads
  • Interface for editing documents: delete, add, move, etc.
  • Supports automatic compression while the user is still editing the document (adding images, moving, etc.)

Document Management SDK

  • Provides a list of all documents stored within the app
  • Generates asynchronous bookmarks
  • Makes document metadata available
  • Deletes, overwrites and renames documents and associated bookmarks
  • Groups/sorts documents
  • Interface compatible with standard iOS data view