Foxit PDF Reader Redistribution License Agreement

Foxit PDF Reader Redistribution License Agreement

This agreement is made between Foxit Software Company of San Jose, California, USA ("Foxit"), and any organization who intends to distribute Foxit PDF Reader to the organization's customers or business partners ("Redistributor").

1. AGREEMENT: By this agreement, Foxit allows Redistributor to redistribute Foxit PDF Reader ("Reader") to Redistributor's customers and business partners, free of charge, provided Redistributor accepts all conditions listed in this agreement.

2. INTELLECUTAL PROPERTY: Foxit fully owns intellectual property of all version of Reader. This agreement does not change ownership of any intellectual property. All rights in Reader are reserved by Foxit except explicitly granted to Redistributor in this agreement.

3. DISTRIBUTION: Redistributor should not redistribute any version of Reader to general public, via any media, without prior written authorization from Foxit. Redistributor should not advertise for Reader in any way, except embedded with Redistributor's own applications.A copy of End User License Agreement for Reader (available on Foxit website) should always accompany any distribution of Reader.

4. OTHER RESTRICTIONS: Redistributor should not modify Reader in any way. Redistributor should not charge its customers or business partners any extra fee for receiving Reader. The license in this agreement is not transferable.

5. WEBSITE LINKAGE: If the redistributor have a website, a link to Reader home page on Foxit website ( should be added to redistributor's website.

6. LIABILITY: Foxit is not liable to any damage to Redistributor or end-user of distributed Reader, caused by using Reader, directly or indirectly.