Foxit MobilePDF Business with Microsoft Intune

Every day, knowledge workers are becoming increasingly mobile. Their needs are served by smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices, and they need to take their work with them wherever they go. Mobile workers need mobile solutions that can keep up with them, and they also need adaptable security measures that can stay a few steps ahead.

Foxit MobilePDF Business now has Microsoft Intune support integrated directly into the application. Microsoft Intune provides device and application management solutions through the cloud. By taking advantage of this cutting-edge new technology, organizations can deliver data, applications, and resources from anywhere in the world, directly to their employees' mobile devices with unparalleled access and control, all while keeping important corporate information safe and secure.

At Foxit, we believe in protecting company resources, intellectual property, and customer information. Microsoft Intune and MobilePDF Business bring that protection directly under your control. This means increased security and functionality through a cloud-enabled solution. Your IT team can now keep corporate information more secure in a "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD) environment by requiring security across devices, restricting PDF access permissions - such as screenshots or copy/paste functionality - on a per-user basis, and remotely deleting data when users lose their device or leave the organization. Firms can also manage data-access rights and restrict PDFs from being shared with or accessed by apps that are not Intune-enabled.

With Foxit MobilePDF Business, your organization now has complete control over who views, edits, and distributes your information.

Foxit MobilePDF Business with Intune Features:

  • Proven PDF viewing technology capable of rendering an incredible range of PDF documents
  • A safe and secure sandbox to view sensitive information that allows corporate control and oversight, independent of the end user
  • Allows both decryption and encryption of PDF documents within the Microsoft Rights Management Service (RMS) environment
  • Prevent PDF documents from being sent outside the Intune ecosystem
  • Restrict common data leakage methods such as copy/paste and screenshots
  • Enforce device and app passwords for increased physical security

To learn more about Microsoft Intune, and what it means for your business, visit: Microsoft Intune's Website