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The portable document format (you know it as PDF) has been around for years and can
be used in hundreds of different ways by people in virtually any industry.
Here are our favorite tips and tricks for using PDFs to your advantage.

Going Paperless

Not only does converting files to PDFs save hard disk space, but using PDFs can help businesses or agencies go completely paperless, greatly shrinking their carbon footprint.

The average American office worker prints


pages each year. (8)

= 100

Enhance Collaboration

Many PDF products come with powerful annotation capabilities for effective collaboration. Some products also provide shared review capabilities that allow users to read and respond to others’ comments.

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say online collaboration tools will be important to their business in the next year. (9)

Advanced Editing

Today’s PDF products
provide word
processor-like editing
capabilities, enabling users
to easily modify their living documents without
additional file conversions.

average pages

per hour medium edits to normal document (11)

Rich Media

Your PDF doesn’t just have to consist of text and images — you can incorporate video, audio, animations, interactivity and more into a PDF, providing you with rich, interactive documents. After all, most people are visual. (1)

digital signatures

You can digitally
sign documents or
add document
Certified digital
signatures assure
the recipient of
authenticity and


Projected size of e-signature
provider industry
by 2020 (4)

space savings

Converting the documents you have now into PDFs can save as much as

For a small
business, that
could mean not
needing to
update your
computers as
often for file
storage issues.(6)


Schools, governments, even businesses, have simplified data entry through the use of fillable PDF forms. Some options even include predictive type so entry is easier. You can also capture form data into databases and files.

Annual time spent filling
out all the forms
associated with an IRS
Form 1040 tax return

Consistent Appearance

No matter what device or operating system readers use, the PDF will always look exactly the same, allowing the look and feel of the document to be preserved just the way the author intended. Users just need to download a free PDF reader.

Desktop OS market share (10)

Windows 91.56%
Mac OSX 4.12%
Linux 1.68%
Other 2.64%

Mobile/tablet OS market share (10)

IPhone/iPad 43.79%
Android 32.85%
Java ME 4.19%
Other 19.17%


Combine different file
types into one polished,
organized package.
Whether it’s for personal or
business use, these
documents can be shared
with anyone, just like any
other PDF. (1)


Average number of people who apply for a given job, so it’s vital that you stand out from the crowd with a solid portfolio (2)


PDFs support high levels of data encryption and security, providing an easy approach for secure sharing through commonly used methods.

Businesses in the U.S. and
face an average of

cyber attacks

a week that disrupt business. (12)