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Free Webinar – PhantomPDF Overview Demo

Learn How To Generate Professional Looking PDF Documents

This webinar is targeted to new Foxit PhantomPDF™ users and those evaluating new PDF solutions. This webinar will demonstrate to users how to use Foxit PhantomPDF to complete typical workflows such as how to:

  • Create PDF documents from Microsoft® Office® applications with one button click.
  • Add scanned documents in PDF files  using OCR.
  • Organize PDF files.
  • Annotate existing PDF documents.
  • Edit existing PDF documents.
  • Sign PDF documents.
  • Convert PDF documents in DOC files.

Please join Foxit's "PhantomPDF Overview Demo" webinar, and you'll learn why over 560 million users have chosen award winning Foxit products due to its low cost, blazing speed, tight security, small footprint, and ease of use. There is no cost for this Foxit online event.

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Remote Office Efficiency

Did you know remote workers lose thousands of hours accessing?documents? This has become a growing concern, causing a decrease in productivity as well as employee frustration. Not to mention, waiting longer for documents to open is affecting employee response time and delaying customer requests.

Has this become a growing concern for your organization? Join our webinar to learn how you can overcome these challenges.

Preparing Healthcare Documents for eSignatures

ALA Sponsored: Going Paperless: How to Do It and What You Will Gain

Paper-based processes consume time and limited resources, which keeps law firms from fulfilling their mission of providing the best service to clients. Transitioning to digital can feel daunting, but it doesn't have to be.

This webcast will discuss the following:

  • How to build the business case for going paperless
  • Challenges with digital content, protecting sensitive information, searching documents of scanned files, legal retention and archiving
  • Ensuring text-searchable PDFs meets 508 Compliance when converted from paper

Join Foxit for this no-cost webcast to discover how to learn practical strategies for going paperless.

Speaker: DeeDee Kato, Vice President of Corporate Marketing for Foxit Software

Going Paperless: How to Do It and What You Will Gain

ILTA Sponsored: PDF Shootout Part 2 – A Deep Dive with Foxit

Please join us in learning about Foxit PDF, a well-rounded alternative to Acrobat. DeeDee Kato, Foxit's Senior Director of Marketing will provide insight as to what makes Foxit the chosen PDF program. This webinar will take a dive into how the software is actually used on a day to day basis and highlighting features that make it a solid choice.

Check-Out the PDF Shootout Result

Preparing Healthcare Documents for eSignatures

DocuSign and Foxit have teamed up to help organizations connect and automate how they prepare, sign, act on, and manage agreements to provide better, faster value-based care for their patients. Learn how to prepare healthcare-specific documents such as patient consent forms and patient intake/onboarding documents for signature workflows through DocuSign. Reduce paper costs and improve efficiency so your healthcare organization can deliver better services faster by signing electronically through the cloud on practically any device, from almost anywhere, at any time.

Preparing Healthcare Documents for eSignatures

WEBINAR: Automating PDF Edits and Document Workflows with RPA

Do you have to manage large volumes of patient information coming in from different hospitals via fax, insurance claims that require manual document processing, or mass quantities of court documents that require court transaction numbers applied?

Let us show you how to automate manual processes to improve customer responsiveness, increase efficiency, and speed business with robotic process automation (RPA) and PhantomPDF 9.7 integration.


WEBINAR: e-Signatures with PhantomPDF and DocuSign

Go from editing and collaborating with team members on a document, to signing on the dotted line in seconds. Sign it yourself or send it to others to sign.

In this webinar, you will learn how our seamless integration with DocuSign enables secure sharing of PDFs with multiple signers and how recipients review and sign documents directly from desktops, Web browsers. or mobile devices. Eliminate paper and improve productivity across your business, agency and customers.


Implement Practical Solutions for Digital Transformation

Are paper-based records slowing down your organization? Transform to digital records by cutting cost of paper, eliminating manual filling and archiving errors, improving staff efficiency, and reducing chart analysis time so that healthcare professionals can enhance patient experience.

Implement practical innovations today rather than ideas that affect you years from now. If you are an IT leader, health records manager, healthcare manager, or clinician concerned about maintaining an efficient, accurate, and comprehensive medical record process, join us on December 10th, at 10am PST.

The webinar will cover practical examples and innovations:

  • Understand why digital transformation is a journey
  • Learn how each organization advances through various phases of digital transformation
  • Receive insights about best practices to digitize and centralize health records
  • Find out how to make patient data accessible and how to protect confidential information using solutions that can be implemented and used quickly
  • Learn from Cura Day Hospitals Group on governance and compliance
  • In-depth use cases from National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the United States Food and Drug Administration
Digital Transformation

Standardize Your Digital Document Solution

Transitioning into a paperless office and working with digital documents is always easier said than done. A lot of times companies struggle to find the right solution to manage their workflow and allow them to properly work on their digital files. Our partner IMA Financial was one of those companies that were looking for a way to reduce the amount of applications they were using. They found Foxit’s PDF technology as the best solution to standardize their digital document workflows, while saving them time and money costs.

In this webinar with IMA Financial:

  • Learn the issues IMA Financial had with processing their digital documents and how Foxit helped make their transition as seamless as possible.

We’ll be sharing insights on:

  • Challenges and issues IMA Financial faced
  • Costs, ROI, and best practices
  • What capabilities you should look for in a solution
Standardize Your Digital Document Solution

Section 508 Compliant PDFs

Hear from our experts on how to make your PDFs accessible in two 30-minute sessions. We will include a high-level overview of the basics and touch on more advanced topics in this 2-part series.

PDF Accessibility Part 1: Basics of PDF Accessibility

Learn the basics of tagging for Section 508 compliance. In this first session, we will briefly go over the process and tools to use, depending on the type of document that requires tags for screen readers. We will then quickly go into a demo of Foxit PhantomPDF Release 9.6 and show you how, including additional features to improve efficiency.

PDF Accessibility Part 2: Making PDFs Accessible

Learn how to:

  • Tag content including lists, complex tables, hyperlinks, forms, and more
  • Set alternative text
  • Check for errors and remediate
Section 508 Compliant PDFs

Is Your Cloud Content Strategy a Ticking Time Bomb?

Public cloud storage might look cost-effective at first glance, but AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud will saddle you with egress charges for every file you pull out of the cloud - and these add up quick.

So how can you predict your real cloud storage TCO?

Cloud content migration strategies frequently overlook file access performance and storage costs. In this session, we will explore how organizations can avoid the ticking cost time bomb and provide tips on how to reduce the size of documents while maintaining the best quality for your content systems.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Identify hidden dangers in cloud content storage that are quietly taxing IT budgets
  • Build specific strategies to help you better forecast your cloud storage investment
  • Detect cloud cost drivers in your own systems
  • Protect your organization from runaway cloud costs – Before it’s too late!

If you are responsible for cost containment, records/document/archive/content management, or even developing your own in-house applications that require document capture, optimized compression, archiving of documents, this session is for you.

Is Your Cloud Content Strategy a Ticking Time Bomb

Accelerate Digital Enrollment with Enterprise Automation

Managing the flow of patient records is getting harder and harder. Hospitals need to capture, transform, integrate, and customize millions of patient health data. The speed, volume, and complexity of new information going in and out of hospitals have created new challenges. In fact, healthcare organizations have most of their medical data unstructured and untapped after it is created (e.g. text, images, forms, emails). This hinders the ability to improve treatments, make an accurate diagnosis, reduce cost, achieve compliance, and create interoperability.

Hear these key learning points:

  • Best practices to standardize documents from paper and electronic sources
  • How to prepare scanned documents to make data-driven decisions
  • In-depth use cases from EPIC Systems Corporation, U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and U.S. Dept. of Health - National Institutes of Health (NIH)
Accelerate Digital Enrollment with Enterprise Automation

The Paperless Law Firm

It’s easy right? Just scan your documents, use some software to make it text searchable, and save them somewhere. But what if the files are too large? What if you don’t have software to make it text searchable, or the tool you have is slow or not very accurate? And once the paper is electronic, how do you prevent scattered legal matter, or worse, files in the wrong hands.

Transitioning to digital can feel daunting, but it doesn't have to be. Learn practical strategies to go paperless.

  • How to build the business case for going paperless
  • Challenges with digital content, protecting sensitive information, searching documents of scanned files, legal retention and archiving
  • What capabilities you should look for in a solution
The Paperless Law Firm

How do you make your scanned documents fully text-searchable PDF or PDF/A files?

This webinar addresses organizations which need high quality PDF documents in their applications, such as the Digital mailroom or digitization projects. Presenter Thomas Zellmann will highlight aspects that are crucial when choosing an OCR software, including important criteria such as:

  • Text recognition quality and performance
  • Accessibility with Auto-Tagging
  • Zonal OCR
  • Output formats (e. g. PDF/A)
  • Language support
  • OCR best practices

Armin Ortmann, CTO of Foxit Enterprise Automation will then present the features of Maestro Server OCR in a live product demo in the second part of the webinar. Maestro is a robust, server-based solution that offers extensive capabilities to handle high volumes of documents in an automated and efficient manner, especially when it comes to black and white scanning. Finally, we'll show you how to use Maestro Server OCR optimally in your IT configuration.

Introducing Maestro Server OCR - Version 8

Standardizing Paper and Digital Documents for Enterprise BPM, CCM, and Archiving

How do forward-looking organizations break down silos and optimize their document conversion strategies? On Wednesday March 27th, we’ll look at how centralizing document conversion and generation contributes to a modern IT architecture and a better customer experience. 

  • How standardizing document conversion for both live workflows and archiving strategies improves customer experience
  • Best practices for optimizing input management from paper and born-digital formats, such as scanned images, pictures from a mobile device, email, Word, PDF, and more
  • How to future-proof your IT architecture by reimagining PDF technology as a single, centralized service

Webinar: PDF Compressor Version 8 – the "brand new Major Version"

Foxit launched a new release PDF Compressor in January. The new version (version 8) will convert scanned images and digital documents to PDF and PDF/A.

The new version will merge the already leading technologies of CVISION and LuraTech, both became part of Foxit through acquisition. Now PDF Compressor combines “both of best worlds” in one solution. In addition, Foxit’s outstanding core PDF technology is now used as solid PDF foundation.

This webinar will provide:

  • An overview of the new features and improvements in version 8
  • An explanation of how those new capabilities will help your applications
  • A live product demo
  • Information on how existing customers can easily upgrade.

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WEBINAR: How to Embrace Paperless Processing: Tools and Benefits

Today, title companies must face an ever-increasing volume of title, mortgage, escrow and other closing real estate documents. Title professionals can improve workflow, save money, reduce costs and improve customer service by embracing paperless processing.

Learn from MLHC how a paperless environment has been a key initiative across all 8 MLHC divisions and how Foxit PhantomPDF gave them the ability to improve workflow without paper:

During this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Improve productivity, increase efficiency, and reduce costs move to paperless processes
  • Digitize and centralize your documents
  • Simplify your activities workflows and processes

WEBINAR REPLAY: Going Paperless: How to Do It and What You Will Gain

Paper-based processes consume time and limited resources and keep government agencies from fulfilling their missions of providing the best service to customers and constituents. Transitioning to digital can feel daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. In this webinar, our government and industry experts offer practical strategies to go paperless. And this free Government Technology webcast also covers:

  • How to build the business case for going paperless
  • What capabilities you should look for in a solution
  • Ensuring text-searchable PDFs meets 508 Compliance when converted from paper

Free Webinar: Archiving and Paperless Office – Best Practices

The webinar focuses on digitalization of business files and emails. It begins with a short introduction of the topic and describes use cases including the advantages of PDF/A and the best practices from over ten years of experience. In the end of the webinar it will be outlined how the server-based Foxit solutions PDF Compressor and Rendition Server can help accomplish those tasks.

WEBINAR REPLAY: Best Practices on e-Filing Court Appeals

Is your court operation in a state of caseload overload? Regardless of which case management system you use, PDFs are critical documents that can easily cause rejected filings. Learn best practices on how to submit appellate records to the Courts.

You 'll discover:

  • Why Courts are increasingly turning to extended technology applications, including the electronic filing of documents
  • Why PDF is the best choice to transform paper documents and other digital court case records, and make them publicly available electronically with much greater security and ease
  • How PDFs can be made court friendly when submitting the trial court records on appeals

WEBINAR REPLAY: Tips and Tricks for Government - Advanced PDF Editing Part 2

Talk to our expert Dan Morris who will teach you tips and tricks on the following:

  • How to Redact sensitive data using:
    • PhantomPDF
    • Office Plug-In to generate redacted PDF documents from within Microsoft Office
    • Server automation with Foxit Rendition Server for mass quantities of documents
  • How to add/modify bookmarks
  • How to hyperlink

.... and much more!

Whether you are processing Court documents, responding to FOIA requests, or responsible for public disclosures, you won't want to miss this interactive session!

WEBINAR REPLAY: Making PDFs Accessible with Foxit's New Release

Learn how to make complex tables, column headers, etc. accessible using the new release of PhantomPDF 9.1. With mandatory compliance now required through the 508 Refresh, don't miss this educational session!

  • Remediation from Scanned Document
  • Remediation using Action Wizard
  • Remediating tables
  • Automation with Foxit PDF Compressor
  • Windows OS Accessibility Settings

.... and much more!

Tips and Tricks for Government - Advanced PDF Editing

Talk to our expert Frank Kettenstock who will teach you how to edit a document using PhantomPDF like it was a Word document. The following tips and tricks will be covered:

  • How to reflow text through multiple columns, and multiple pages
  • How to move pages from one document to another
  • How to Snapshot part of a page, resize and move it

.... and much more!

Learn and connect with others in this 30-min interactive session.

WEBINAR REPLAY: Foxit's Unified PDF Platform for Government

Whether you are doing manual edits to single PDF documents or automated edits to mass quantities of paper or digital files (e.g. Word, TIFF, PDF/A, etc), Foxit has one easy –to-use, secure platform for all your PDF needs. In this introductory session for Government users, Frank Kettenstock will teach you to edit a PDF file like a Word document using PhantomPDF's easy to use Microsoft Office like interface.

  • Bookmark, redact, OCR to make scanned images text searchable, flatten image layers to pass 508 mandates and e-filing deadlines
  • Manipulate pages by extracting, rotating, deleting and inserting pages
  • Easily create one PDF file from multiple pages in other files

.... and much more!

WEBINAR REPLAY: Paper to Digital and PDF/A

NARA (The National Archives and Records Administration) is the final depository for the long-term records generated by all other agencies of the U.S. Federal Government. According to NARA's newly-released draft strategic plan, the agency will stop accepting paper records at the end of 2022. The practice of paper records-keeping will, finally, come to an end, even if that "end" means scanning a pen-signed piece of paper and PDF/A is a preferred format.

Talk to our experts from Foxit Software, Gert Michiels, Product Management, and Dan Morris, Senior Solutions Architect who will discuss PDF/A in U.S. Government, and how to centralize the conversion of your emails and documents to PDF, PDF/A.

  • Scan image file compression and OCR enabling you to make content searchable
  • Redaction of sensitive information for compliance and data protection
  • Quickly convert emails and attachments from any system to PDF/A for long term archiving

WEBINAR REPLAY: Automating Accessibility in PDFs

Is it possible to automate accessibility in PDF documents? Auto-tagging and Accessibility Checkers in PDF editors can be applied manually, but how can this work on mass quantity of documents? Learn how automation with Foxit PDF Compressor converts, OCR and auto-tags batches of files (MS Word docs, emails, scanned documents, plain PDFs), cutting down the amount of time spent on the compliance basics. Then the new release of Foxit PhantomPDF 9.0 can be used to verify and ensure the content makes sense for assistive technology.

Talk to our experts, Carsten Heiermann, CEO of Foxit Europe and Dan Morris, Sr. Solutions Architect, who will walk you through the process, making accessibility implementation quick and easy.

Paper Isn't Dead Yet! Learn How To Manage Your Documents Efficiently

Although the digital transformation continues at pace, paper versions of documents are estimated to still number in the trillions. This hardcopy deluge provides challenges for businesses and governments obligated to securely store, find and retrieve this information for years, even decades.

It also creates demand for technologies capable of automated capture, content understanding and data extraction, to allow the information within these documents to be unharnessed and understood in real-time.

View this webinar, hosted by Harvey Spencer Associates, a technology analyst firm, and Foxit Software, a PDF software vendor, to explore the market trends and technology advancements in the data capture marketplace.

Webinar: Creating low-barrier documents with the PDF Compressor

In this webinar, we'll show you the new options the PDF Compressor offers for creating low-barrier documents during scanning projects. The webinar will begin with a short introduction to the subject of accessibility, with a focus on PDF documents (where PDF/UA is the ISO standard).

In a LIVE demo, our Head of Development, Armin Ortmann, will show you how the PDF Compressor can be used to convert scanned documents into low-barrier files. We'll also show you how Foxit PhantomPDF can easily test a document's accessibility. We'll then show you an example of a more detailed test using the PDF Accessibility Checker (PAC 2).

Finally, we'll describe a number of application scenarios for the PDF Compressor in the scanning services sector and for digitization projects.

Four Ways Banks Can Transition to the Digital Age

It's no secret that banks like yours face ongoing pressure to increase productivity across your organization while controlling costs. And customer expectations are increasing relentlessly.

Foxit can help, just as we've helped financial organizations such as JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, and Lloyds.

In this free webinar we explore four common ways that banks are adopting best practices in document management:

  • Improving your ability to create and edit PDFs.
  • Enabling automated mass compression and conversion of documents.
  • Archiving and retrieving hardcopy documents at scale.
  • Controlling documents after they've been distributed.

Digital Transformation in Courts and Paperless Depositions

Foxit and eDepoze have joined forces and legal / court systems everywhere are discovering how to go paperless. In this webinar you'll get the opportunity to:

  • Learn how IT teams can convert mass quantities of paper to digital, OCR and archive as PDF/A
  • Experience how a powerful PDF editor provides legal teams the ability to participate in real-time collaborative reviews of sensitive documents, enabling comments, redactions, and more.
  • See how simple it is for Attorneys to use electronic documents as exhibits during litigation events following discover such as depositions, witness prep sessions, arbitrations, mediations, hearings, and trial.

Join us for a discussion of common court/litigation challenges, a live demonstration that tackles these common issues, and advice for moving Courts and Law Firms to fulfill paperless and "cloud-first" mandates securely and with confidence.

Improve Document Conversion with Foxit Rendition Server

Foxit Rendition Server provides opportunities to centralize the conversion of your documents to PDF, and is rapidly being embraced by a variety of companies. By attending this webinar you will hear how these companies are using Rendition Server in projects ranging from delivery to customization to turnkey development. There will also be a demonstration of the most exciting capabilities of Rendition Server.

And there will be plenty of opportunity for you to ask questions, and have them answered, during this event.

Mitigating the Risk of Enterprise Security Breaches With Smart PDFs

Massive data breaches at companies like Yahoo and Target are becoming more frequent. This increasing threat, however, does not only come from malicious outsiders infiltrating corporate IT systems but also from people within an organization whom, by accident or intent, release sensitive information, often in the form of documents.

View this webinar, hosted by market research firm, BPI Network, and software vendor, Foxit Software, to learn how smart PDFs can help protect organizations from the loss of confidential information.

Improving Data Collection with 2D Barcodes

Do you use online fillable PDF forms, but need to print them after they've been filled in order to collect the data? If so, there's a way to make the process more efficient by embedding a 2D barcode in the form.

2D barcodes open a world of possibilities - they eliminate errors in paper forms data collection - and that means you can forget about errors or false positives that are frequently produced when OCR is used.

Attend this webinar to learn more.

All input formats to PDF/A

No more PDF stress – We'll show you how it's done – Register now for our latest webinar!

The webinar will begin with a brief introduction to PDF/A, the ISO standard for long-term document archiving. The format's wide range of applications will be presented, including its utility for both scanned and digital documents, as will the benefits that PDF/A offers. Practical, straightforward examples of the PDF Compressor's usage will be demonstrated for all areas of application, from scanned documents to emails and digital invoices in compliance with ZUGFeRD. We look forward to responding to your questions and comments both during and after the session!

Rethinking the Document: Current Trends & Future Benefits

It is estimated that more than 2.5 trillion PDFs are created annually, and the number of documents we create will continue to grow and multiply into the future. Tracking these documents, making sure they're up to date, verifying their authenticity and ensuring they're not in the wrong hands—while also expediting their creation, modification, approval and distribution—is a vexing issue for all of us.

Join this webinar, hosted by BPI Network, a market research firm, and Foxit Software, and hear how PDF software is adapting to the demands of businesses and individuals.

E-Mail archiving with PDF and PDF/A

With the help of practical examples, learn how you can successfully convert emails and their attachments into PDF or PDF/A format without any user interaction.

PDF/A has become an established archiving format. One current trend in the document management field is that of email management and archiving. In our webinar, you'll get to know a set of strategies for implementing email management projects with PDF/A and hear about best practices.

Our cutting-edge webinar first provides a brief introduction to the subject of email management and summarizes the most important aspects of the PDF/A standard. A number of different scenarios will be used to explain the possibilities for converting emails and their attachments to PDF/A and a practical demo will be given to our tried-and-tested PDF Compressor. PDF/A and PDF/A-3 in particular, open up options in this field which have previously been impossible to implement.

The webinar is free of charge and you can easily register as below.

Smart Scanning Apps – Business Processes Begin on the Smartphone

So many business processes begin with a sheet of paper. Maybe it's an application form in the B2C field, maybe it's a B2B contract. Maybe it's for internal use, like an expense sheet for an employee's latest off-site trip. The possibilities go on and on.

In this webinar, you'll learn how you can develop interactive scanning apps quickly and without any prior understanding of image processing – or how to add functions like document submission to existing apps with a minimum of time investment. And all of this with maximum emphasis on the quality of the scan, and as many processing steps completed automatically as possible – including OCR and other functions. And in the mobile world, of course, document compression is particularly valuable.

Wouldn't it be interesting, then, if this kind of smart scanning app could be integrated into a business' own systems using web service architectures – meaning that not only would processes complete automatically, but the smartphone user would also receive responses to their submissions, including approval messages and signatures?

Join us for this webinar as our speaker Carsten Heiermann takes you on a tour of the possibilities and technologies that smart scanning apps present. You too can soon start offering improved customer services at reduced costs.

Introducing the New LuraTech Rendition Server!

In this webinar, you'll get a look at the new product from all angles. We'll explain the advantages that central document conversion brings and show how the LuraTech Rendition Server is suited to this task. Next, we'll go further in-depth on the technology and system architecture, and give an example of how the Rendition Server can be integrated and how it can be expanded using a plugin interface. A business-wide platform also faces specific configuration, operation and maintenance requirements. We'll show you what the Rendition Server brings to the table to make IT administrators' lives easier. Finally, we'll explain the licensing model and the various expansion levels.

PhantomPDF: A Multi-Feature PDF Editor

If you are looking for a multi-feature editor that enables you to create, edit, organize, read and sign PDF files, and also convert scanned and OCR-processed hardcopies into PDFs and modify them, then this webinar is for you. We examine the latest functionality available with PhantomPDF 7 and explore how you can use them to create professional-looking documents.