ConnectedPDF Security

Today, most companies protect the perimeter of their IT infrastructure.  Smart companies take the next step by protecting the documents which contain valuable data.

  • Document owners can grant and revoke access to the document, and grant specific readers with specific document access rights.

  • Company Confidential provides one-click protection of documents that allows users with the same mailbox domain as the document owner to have read-only or edit rights.

  • Security will follow the document everywhere it goes - even after its downloaded, copied, etc., both inside and outside of the company domain/firewall.

Learn more about Document Security: white paper or infographic

ConnectedPDF Document Intelligence

Simply and easily understand how readers are using your documents after you publish, without bloated content management systems that are expensive, hard to use, and difficult to deploy.

  • Track usage of the document – view business intelligence information such as understand who accessed the file, what actions they performed, what pages they looked at, etc.

  • View all versions of the document in an intuitive document version tree.

  • Automatically notify readers when a new version of the document is available.

Learn more about Document Deluge: white paper or infographic

ConnectedPDF Collaboration

Get the best from your knowledge workers by giving them the tools to work together to produce the best quality document.

  • Multiple users can be part of a single document review.

  • Participants can see each other’s comments and respond to them – spurring collaboration.

  • Since it utilizes cloud storage, setup is easy and review participants can be located both within or outside of the company domain/firewall.

  • Share content quickly, easily, and securely by generating a file link and sending it via email or to social media.

ConnectedPDF Packaging

ConnectedPDF is available in different packages to meet the differing privacy needs of each organization.

  • ConnectedPDF Multi-tenant supports individual users and small groups in a multi-tenant environment (one software instance, multiple user groups) and is bundled with PhantomPDF.

  • ConnectedPDF Single-tenant allows organizations to have their own dedicated software instance.  This package allows organizations to integrate their CAS (Central Authentication Service, for example, Directory Services) for enterprise single sign on.

  • ConnectedPDF On-Premise provides software instances within the organization’s environment (i.e. behind their firewall) for those who desire complete software control and security.  This package allows organizations to integrate their CAS (Central Authentication Service, for example, Directory Services) for enterprise single sign on.

ConnectedPDF Powered Applications

ConnectedPDF technology is bundled with Foxit end user products to provide security, document management, and collaboration services for both document authors and document users.

  • For document authors, PhantomPDF enables authors to:

    • Create ConnectedPDF documents.

    • Set document security.

    • Initiate collaboration reviews.

    • Notify users of new updates.

    • Track document usage.

  • For document users, PhantomPDF, Reader, and MobilePDF enables users to:

    • Create ConnectedPDF documents.

    • Enforces document security.

    • Participate in collaboration reviews.

    • Receive new update notifications, and request document access.

  • Teams have access to ConnectedPDF across their desktop and mobile devices.

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