Powerful Core Technology

Count on Foxit's SDK technology since it's the most tested and feature-rich PDF SDK in the market. Used by organizations of all sizes and on all platforms, the possibilities are limitless.

Rapid Development

Get your app to market quickly with Foxit's Rapid Development Kits, which enable quick and easy PDF integration. Deep PDF expertise is not required to quickly leverage this PDF.

Trusted by the Best

Count on Foxit’s SDK technology, the most test and feature-rich PDF SDK in the market. Google Chrome, Amazon Kindle, and NASDAQ Director’s Desk, among others, already are.


Provides a complete low-level API for advanced PDF functionality in a cross platform, enterprise-class tool. Will meet all developer requirements for building a powerful PDF viewer and editor from the ground up.

  • PDF viewing, editing, annotating and form filling solution
  • Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android
  • C, Java, UWP and C# API
  • Robust and powerful performance


Rapid Development Kit for mobile platforms that enables programmers to quickly and easily integrate PDF viewer technology into their apps.

  • PDF viewing, annotating and form filling solution
  • Build a complete PDF viewer with just a few lines of codes
  • Customizable user interface and tools
  • iOS and Android, with support for Java, Objective-C and Swift

WebPDF Viewer

High-performance, cross-platform, client-independent solution that reduces developer costs and improves time to market.

  • PDF viewing, annotating, signing and form fillign solution for the Web
  • Robust server solution and/or skinny pure JavaScript versions available
  • Access using any modern browser
  • Full control over documents with ability to integrate into third-party systems

Quick PDF Library

Comprehensive set of high-level PDF API functions designed to make working with PDF files quick and easy.

  • PDF generation, splitting, merging, text extraction, rendering, printing, digital signatures
  • High-level PDF library with easy to use API
  • Windows, Mac, iOS and Android, with support for C++, Delphi, Java, Objective-C and more


Easily add a PDF viewer with user interface to most Windows applications with the well supported and battle-tested ActiveX technology.

  • PDF viewing, editing, annotating and form filling solution
  • Drag and drop ActiveX component
  • Windows only


PDF for .NET is made easy with our collection of stand-alone SDKs to suit your requirements.

  • PDF Viewer, Merger, Generator, Printer Manager and Rasterizer SDKs
  • Native .NET components
  • Windows only

Premium PDFium

Use the PDFium API with the latest Foxit enterprise quality rendering technology and get peace of mind with developer support from the experts.

  • Foxit PDF SDK with PDFium API to ensure easy migration
  • Adds missing functionality such as annotations, watermarks, barcodes, security, digital signatures, form fields and many other features.
  • Developer support directly from the original creators of PDFium

PhantomPDF Plug-in SDK

Extend the functionality of PhantomPDF and Foxit Reader with this plug-in SDK.

  • Create extensions to PhantomPDF or Foxit Reader
  • Add new menu items and toolbar buttons
  • Manipulate PDF documents
  • For C++ developers

Foxit PDF Across the Enterprise

These Developer Solutions products integrate seamlessly with our End User Productivity and Enterprise Automation products, giving you a complete PDF solution across your enterprise. So you can ensure everyone who works with PDF files—from users who handle a few a day to departments that convert thousands an hour—has the functionality they need.