Webinar: Mobile office 4.0 – Digitize on the move

If you’re one of the 57% of all businesses that are working to improve customer service using mobile applications, or the 52% of companies that say using mobile apps to win new customers is key, this webinar is for you.

You’ll learn how the smartphone can bridge the gap between the analog world of paper used by customers and employees, and the digital processes used by businesses. All while leaving otherwise inescapable obstacles like printed applications, forms and ID photocopies behind.

Find out how you can use your smartphone to “scan” paper and bring it into a digital business process by producing high-quality documents capable of handling demanding digital processes such as OCR and automatic classification.

Join our free webinar and hear host Carsten Heiermann, CEO of Foxit Europe, explain how to cross the divide between paper and digital processes – even when on the move.

Webinar: Smart Scanning Apps – Business processes begin on the smartphone

So many business processes begin with a sheet of paper. Maybe it’s an application form in the B2C field, maybe it’s a B2B contract. Maybe it’s for internal use, like an expense sheet for an employee’s latest off-site trip. The possibilities go on and on.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how you can develop interactive scanning apps quickly and without any prior understanding of image processing – or how to add functions like document submission to existing apps with a minimum of time investment. And all of this with maximum emphasis on the quality of the scan, and as many processing steps completed automatically as possible – including OCR and other functions. And in the mobile world, of course, document compression is particularly valuable.

Wouldn’t it be interesting, then, if this kind of smart scanning app could be integrated into a business’ own systems using web service architectures – meaning that not only would processes complete automatically, but the smartphone user would also receive responses to their submissions, including approval messages and signatures?

Join us for this webinar as our speaker Carsten Heiermann takes you on a tour of the possibilities and technologies that smart scanning apps present. You too can soon start offering improved customer services at reduced costs.

Register now:
Thu, OCT 20, 2016 10:00 AM - 11: 00 AM PDT
Fri, OCT 21, 2016 10:00 AM - 11: 00 AM CEST

Introducing the new LuraTech Rendition Server!

In this webinar, you’ll get a look at the new product from all angles.

We’ll explain the advantages that central document conversion brings and show how the LuraTech Rendition Server is suited to this task.

Next, we’ll go further in-depth on the technology and system architecture, and give an example of how the Rendition Server can be integrated and how it can be expanded using a plugin interface.

A business-wide platform also faces specific configuration, operation and maintenance requirements. We’ll show you what the Rendition Server brings to the table to make IT administrators’ lives easier.

Finally, we’ll explain the licensing model and the various expansion levels.

We look forward to responding to your questions and comments afterwards.

Discover why the LuraTech Rendition Server is the best choice for centralized document conversion

In this webinar, we’d like to provide you with an overview of the cutting-edge LuraTech Rendition Server.

We’ll start with the advantages of centralized document conversion and explain how the LuraTech Rendition Server can be effectively and most efficiently used for this task.

Scanned documents to high-compressed PDF

Do you scan a lot of documents? Are your color TIFFs too large?
Do you want your scans full text searchable? Then, this webinar is for you!

In this webinar, Thomas Zellmann from LuraTech, a Foxit software company, will present the PDF Compressor, a production level application for compression, conversion to PDF and PDF/A with OCR.

He will describe different scan scenarios like the digital mailroom for your organization and present the benefits of PDF for scanned documents.
A live demo of PDF Compressor will show you practical examples.

After the demo, advanced functions of PDF Compressor like E-mail conversion or the
usage of PDF/A-3 will be discussed.

Learn more about ConnectedPDF

Connected PDF is a breakthrough technology from Foxit Software that promises to forever change the way businesses and individuals share information.

ConnectedPDF features exciting capabilities such as document locating and tracking, file update notifications, shared and synchronized reviews, remote file protection, and data collection. It is simple and free to use, while delivering capabilities never available without the use of costly, complex, kludgy enterprise document management systems.

One Year of Mobile Scanning with LuraTech

Want to add or optimize scanning functionality in your apps? Then this webinar is for you.

In this webinar, team members from LuraTech, a Foxit company, will show you the range of possibilities and current status of the LuraTech product family.

The webinar will be rounded out with experiences and practical examples from real projects, such as the fact that almost all of the apps that have been created are integrated into business IT systems or the cloud.

PhantomPDF Overview Demo

Generate Professional Looking PDF Documents

This webinar is targeted to new Foxit PhantomPDF users and those evaluating new PDF solutions. This webinar will demonstrate to users how to use Foxit PhantomPDF to accomplish typical tasks such as how to:

  • Create PDF documents from Microsoft Office applications with one button click.
  • Add scanned documents in PDF files using OCR.
  • Annotate existing PDF documents.
  • Edit existing PDF documents.
  • Create and fill out PDF forms.
  • Organize PDF files.
  • Add digital signatures to PDF documents.
  • Secure PDF documents.
    • Certify document
    • Password encryption
    • Certification encryption
  • Convert PDF documents in DOC files.