Improve Document Conversion with Foxit Rendition Server

Foxit Rendition Server provides opportunities to centralize the conversion of your documents to PDF, and is rapidly being embraced by a variety of companies. By attending this webinar you will hear how these companies are using Rendition Server in projects ranging from delivery to customization to turnkey development. There will also be a demonstration of the most exciting capabilities of Rendition Server.

And there will be plenty of opportunity for you to ask questions, and have them answered, during this event.

Mitigating the Risk of Enterprise Security Breaches With Smart PDFs

Massive data breaches at companies like Yahoo and Target are becoming more frequent. This increasing threat, however, does not only come from malicious outsiders infiltrating corporate IT systems but also from people within an organization whom, by accident or intent, release sensitive information, often in the form of documents.

View this webinar, hosted by market research firm, BPI Network, and software vendor, Foxit Software, to learn how smart PDFs can help protect organizations from the loss of confidential information.

Webinar: Introducing Foxit Europe

The webinar is aimed at our long-term LuraTech customers, who will receive an overview of all the other PDF products we now offer alongside our well-known server-based products, the PDF Compressor and the Rendition Server. More broadly, it will also be of interest to all users looking to learn about modern PDF solutions.

During the webinar, Thomas Zellmann will introduce Foxit as a global PDF solutions provider and then present Foxit Europe in particular – starting with client-based products such as PhantomPDF, moving on to SDK solutions and concluding with server-based PDF products. An overview of ConnectedPDF and other PDF solutions will be provided.

We look forward to answering your questions and comments during and after the webinar!

Improving Data Collection with 2D Barcodes

Do you use online fillable PDF forms, but need to print them after they've been filled in order to collect the data? If so, there's a way to make the process more efficient by embedding a 2D barcode in the form.

2D barcodes open a world of possibilities - they eliminate errors in paper forms data collection - and that means you can forget about errors or false positives that are frequently produced when OCR is used.

Attend this webinar to learn more.

All input formats to PDF/A

No more PDF stress – We’ll show you how it’s done – Register now for our latest webinar!

The webinar will begin with a brief introduction to PDF/A, the ISO standard for long-term document archiving. The format’s wide range of applications will be presented, including its utility for both scanned and digital documents, as will the benefits that PDF/A offers. Practical, straightforward examples of the PDF Compressor’s usage will be demonstrated for all areas of application, from scanned documents to emails and digital invoices in compliance with ZUGFeRD. We look forward to responding to your questions and comments both during and after the session!

Rethinking the Document: Current Trends & Future Benefits

It is estimated that more than 2.5 trillion PDFs are created annually, and the number of documents we create will continue to grow and multiply into the future. Tracking these documents, making sure they're up to date, verifying their authenticity and ensuring they're not in the wrong hands—while also expediting their creation, modification, approval and distribution—is a vexing issue for all of us.

Join this webinar, hosted by BPI Network, a market research firm, and Foxit Software, and hear how PDF software is adapting to the demands of businesses and individuals.

E-Mail archiving with PDF and PDF/A

With the help of practical examples, learn how you can successfully convert emails and their attachments into PDF or PDF/A format without any user interaction.

PDF/A has become an established archiving format. One current trend in the document management field is that of email management and archiving. In our webinar, you’ll get to know a set of strategies for implementing email management projects with PDF/A and hear about best practices.

Our cutting-edge webinar first provides a brief introduction to the subject of email management and summarizes the most important aspects of the PDF/A standard. A number of different scenarios will be used to explain the possibilities for converting emails and their attachments to PDF/A and a practical demo will be given to our tried-and-tested PDF Compressor. PDF/A and PDF/A-3 in particular, open up options in this field which have previously been impossible to implement.

The webinar is free of charge and you can easily register as below.

Smart Scanning Apps – Business Processes Begin on the Smartphone

So many business processes begin with a sheet of paper. Maybe it’s an application form in the B2C field, maybe it’s a B2B contract. Maybe it’s for internal use, like an expense sheet for an employee’s latest off-site trip. The possibilities go on and on.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how you can develop interactive scanning apps quickly and without any prior understanding of image processing – or how to add functions like document submission to existing apps with a minimum of time investment. And all of this with maximum emphasis on the quality of the scan, and as many processing steps completed automatically as possible – including OCR and other functions. And in the mobile world, of course, document compression is particularly valuable.

Wouldn’t it be interesting, then, if this kind of smart scanning app could be integrated into a business’ own systems using web service architectures – meaning that not only would processes complete automatically, but the smartphone user would also receive responses to their submissions, including approval messages and signatures?

Join us for this webinar as our speaker Carsten Heiermann takes you on a tour of the possibilities and technologies that smart scanning apps present. You too can soon start offering improved customer services at reduced costs.

Introducing the New LuraTech Rendition Server!

In this webinar, you’ll get a look at the new product from all angles. We’ll explain the advantages that central document conversion brings and show how the LuraTech Rendition Server is suited to this task. Next, we’ll go further in-depth on the technology and system architecture, and give an example of how the Rendition Server can be integrated and how it can be expanded using a plugin interface. A business-wide platform also faces specific configuration, operation and maintenance requirements. We’ll show you what the Rendition Server brings to the table to make IT administrators’ lives easier. Finally, we’ll explain the licensing model and the various expansion levels.

PDF Compressor: An Ideal Solution From Scanning to Compressing

Do you scan a lot of documents? Are your color TIFFs too large? Do you want your scans full text searchable? Then, this webinar is for you! In this webinar, Thomas Zellmann will present the PDF Compressor, an enterprise-scale solution for compression, conversion to PDF and PDF/A with OCR. He will describe different scan scenarios like the digital mailroom for your organization and present the benefits of PDF for scanned documents. A live demo of PDF Compressor will show you practical examples. After the demo, advanced functions of PDF Compressor like E-mail conversion or the usage of PDF/A-3 will be discussed.

ConnectedPDF: A New Era in Document Management & Security

Connected PDF is a breakthrough technology from Foxit Software that promises to forever change the way businesses and individuals share information. ConnectedPDF features exciting capabilities such as document locating and tracking, file update notifications, shared and synchronized reviews, remote file protection, and data collection. It is simple and free to use, while delivering capabilities never available without the use of costly, complex, kludgy enterprise document management systems.

Mobile Scanning: A Review of Best Practices

Want to add or optimize scanning functionality in your apps? Then this webinar is for you. In this webinar, team members from LuraTech, a Foxit company, will show you the range of possibilities and current status of the LuraTech product family. The webinar will be rounded out with experiences and practical examples from real projects, such as the fact that almost all of the apps that have been created are integrated into business IT systems or the cloud.

PhantomPDF: A Multi-Feature PDF Editor

If you are looking for a multi-feature editor that enables you to create, edit, organize, read and sign PDF files, and also convert scanned and OCR-processed hardcopies into PDFs and modify them, then this webinar is for you. We examine the latest functionality available with PhantomPDF 7 and explore how you can use them to create professional-looking documents.