Foxit Corporation, Watchful Software and SECUDE Announce Partnership to Enhance Security of SAP Data

Companies to provide a pioneering information security suite for SAP data both on-premise and as it travels though mobile, cloud and other digital environments

Fremont, CA July 8, 2013 - SECUDE, an innovative data security provider, Watchful Software, a leading provider of data-centric information security solutions, and Foxit Corporation, a leading provider of solutions for reading, editing, creating, organizing, and securing PDF documents, today announced a new global partnership. The partnership creates the first comprehensive security suite for SAP data based on the latest Microsoft information protection technologies.

The collaboration between SECUDE, Watchful Software and Foxit Corporation offers enterprises running on SAP a powerful end-to-end approach to protecting their business critical information regardless of its form and location. A rapidly growing demand from SAP users for mobile and cloud security has inspired these companies to consolidate their efforts in the field of unstructured data protection. SecureDocument by SECUDE, RightsWATCH by Watchful Software and PDF Security Suite by Foxit Corporation represent the first complete suite of security products based on Information Rights Management (IRM) technologies. Synergy Advisors LLC, a leader in IRM consulting and implementation, is a featured channel partner available to assist customer needs during each step of the purchasing and implementation process. Synergy works to leverage each of the partner technologies to deliver the most secure environment and fastest deployment possible for joint customers.

"Foxit is excited to team with SECUDE, Watchful Software, and Synergy Advisors to offer this complete security solution for protecting confidential SAP data," said Phil Lee, Vice President of Enterprise Sales at Foxit Corporation. "This solution provides the software and services that allows customers to confidentially share business critical data across the enterprise with the security it deserves."

"Our partnership with Foxit Corporation and Watchful Software represents a key milestone in our efforts to help enterprises build safe digital experiences that work inside the enterprise, in the cloud and across mobile channels," said Michael Kummer, President of SECUDE Americas. "In our technology-driven world, information is a powerful business asset. By leveraging our companies' unique propositions with Microsoft latest information protection technologies, SAP users can finally take security of their sensitive information beyond eroding boundaries of the traditional perimeter."

Traditionally, data stored inside the SAP landscape is considered secure; however, the information is extracted by its users on a regular basis and transformed into unstructured data that permeates the enterprise. Once downloaded, exported or manipulated, critical information becomes vulnerable and exposed - especially when residing on users’ computers and mobile devices, shared via e-mail, or carried around on USB sticks, without any protection at all.

"Analysts tell us that up to 85% of an organization’s sensitive/confidential data is in unstructured form - emails, documents, spreadsheets, etc.  Often this data has been pulled from an enterprise system such as SAP, and is transformed to be more digestible. Unfortunately, this transformation process creates the opportunity for data breaches," states Charles Foley, CEO of Watchful Software. "This alliance ensures that the data is safe as it comes out of SAP, or if it’s included in emails, documents, spreadsheets, etc., or published electronically such that only users with the right clearance have access to it."

By utilizing Microsoft’s Active Directory infrastructure, all three solutions continuously protect SAP-based information against leak, loss, or theft, even if it is outside of the SAP database or has taken different forms. Reports, lists, documents, planning tools, PDF files, and even internal and external communications via email can be secured so that only authorized personnel can use this information. The combination gives customers an unprecedented level of security of their business critical information both inside and outside the SAP landscape, as it moves around the enterprise and around the world. 

About SECUDE -
Founded in 1996, SECUDE is an innovative global provider of IT data protection solutions. SECUDE helps customers protect sensitive data from loss or theft and to meet legal and industry requirements and guidelines. SECUDE’s focus currently extends to the field of application data security and Information Rights Management (IRM) and addresses the rapidly evolving business needs of mobile and cloud security and safe digital collaboration. Today, SECUDE is trusted by a large number of Fortune 500 companies, including many DAX companies. With offices in Europe, North America and Asia, SECUDE embraces global IT security.

About Watchful Software -
Watchful Software was formed in 2012 to address the requirement to protect an organization’s most critical asset after its people - its information. Leveraging key technologies including advanced encryption algorithms, digital rights management, and e-Biometrics, Watchful Software has developed a suite of solutions that ensure only authorized personnel have access to enterprise systems or can handle sensitive information, thereby protecting against the massive economic and competitive damage often done by cyber terrorists and information thieves.

About Foxit Corporation -
Founded in 2001, Foxit is an Amazon-invested leading software provider of solutions for reading, editing, creating, organizing, and securing PDF documents. Headquartered in Fremont, CA, USA, Foxit has operations worldwide in China, Belgium, Japan, and Taiwan. Foxit is focused on PDF solutions with over 100 experienced PDF engineers. Winner of numerous awards, Foxit boasts over 150 million users, has sold to over 95,000 customers located in over 190 countries. Since Foxit products are ISO 32000-1/PDF 1.7 standard compliant, they are compatible with other PDF products like those from Adobe®.


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