Foxit® Announces New PDF Rasterizer Software Development Kit for .NET Applications

For Applications Developers Looking to Integrate PDF Rasterizing into .NET Applications

FREMONT, Calif. - June 25, 2013 - Foxit® Corporation, a leading provider of solutions for reading, editing, creating, organizing, and securing PDF documents, today announced the release of Foxit PDF Rasterizer for .NET SDK. The new Software Development Kit (SDK) allows .NET developers to convert PDF documents to images from within any .NET application, which can significantly reduce the overall size of the document and allows you to use the output image for purposes where PDF documents may not be ideal.

Foxit PDF Rasterizer for .NET SDK
Rasterization (conversion from PDF to image format) prepares a page for display or printing. Typically text and graphics are rasterized into a bitmap to display or to send to a printer. Foxit PDF Rasterizer for .NET SDK is an easy to use API that allows developers to automate PDF rasterization from within any .NET web or server-based application. 

Highlights of the Foxit PDF Rasterizer for .NET SDK include:

  • Supports popular image formats: JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF and BMP.
  • Allows output to System.Drawing.Bitmap object.
  • Supports Image Transparency (TIFF and PNG).
  • Full support of all PDF colorspaces.
  • Supports all PDF font and compression types.
  • Supports annotation and form field rasterization.
  • Prints rasterized PDFs to a printer.
  • Supports RGB, RGBA, Monochrome, Gray-scale, and Indexed color-formats.
  • Allows color quantization and custom palette for all Indexed formats.

Flexible Licensing
Foxit PDF Rasterizer for .NET SDK is available in two licensing models. The Server License is for developers who wish to install our software on their server or web server and is licensed per production server. Alternatively, the Developer License is for developers who wish to install our software on desktop systems. The Developer License allows for a maximum of 5,000 distributions per license.

"Foxit PDF Rasterizer for .NET SDK is a high performance, easy to learn, and feature rich software development kit," said Frank Kettenstock, VP of Marketing for Foxit Corporation. "It has been optimized for .NET application environments, allowing .NET application developers to quickly and easily incorporate PDF rasterization technology into their applications."

Customers choose Foxit products since they are fast, affordable, secure, and easy to deploy. With over 150 million users, award winning Foxit PDF solutions have been chosen by over 95,000 customers in over 190 countries. Since Foxit products are ISO 32000-1 / PDF 1.7 standard compliant, they are compatible with other PDF products like those from Adobe®.

For more information, contact Foxit at or at 1-866-MYFOXIT.

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