Safeguard Your PDF and Prevent Data Loss with the Most Secured Digital Signature Technology by Foxit

Fremont CA, August 20, 2010Foxit Corporation, a leading provider of solutions for reading, editing, creating, organizing, securing PDF documents and eReader devices, now encourages users to safeguard their PDF data integrity with the most secured PDF digital signature technology by Foxit.

Recently a flaw in PDF digital signature data structure was discovered. Foxit confirmed it would potentially allow malicious document to be altered while keep digital signatures unchanged. Foxit is aware of the importance of keeping valuable information from any possible exploits. Digital signature now as one of the enterprises’ solutions to improve document authenticity and integrity, is commonly used to exchange electronic documents.

"Many people are still in the danger of losing their PDF integrity yet they have no idea the signed documents have been altered. The PDF viewers are suffering from a very serious PDF flaw including the top 5 popular PDF readers. Foxit is working toward an implementation to address this issue now and the upcoming security patch will be released soon. As an honest and responsible PDF solution provider, Foxit recommends users to stop using those PDF viewers with digital signature flaw in the market and stay away from the possible digital signature collision." said Alex Alexander, AVP, Corporate Marketing for Foxit Corporation.

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