Foxit Protects Against Malicious Jailbreak PDFs. Still the Fastest Most Reliable PDF Reader for Windows and soon iPhone

Fremont CA, August 5, 2010 Foxit Corporation, a leading provider of solutions for reading, editing, creating, organizing, securing PDF documents and eReader devices, announces an upcoming security patch for its popular Foxit Reader. The upcoming Foxit Reader enhances PDF document security that is currently being used to compromise Apple iPhone/iPad devices.

In its ongoing commitment of providing safer, faster and more stable PDF software tools, Foxit is taking a proactive measure in securing its 100 million PDF Reader users against the iPhone/iPad Jailbreaking application that utilizes malicious PDFs to hack the systems of unsuspecting users. Hackers are now trying to use these malicious PDF’s to access sensitive data on desktops. Foxit welcomes all PDF Reader users to download the latest version of the Foxit Reader 4.1.1 which addresses and resolves the issues related to the jailbreak hack.

To protect iPhone/iPad users from the jailbreak program that is being used to exploit iPhones in the way they handle PDFs, Foxit is preannouncing its soon to be submitted PDF Reader App for iPhone. Foxit believes that the upcoming release of its Foxit Reader for iPhone will provide a secure PDF reader for the iPhone. Foxit will be submitting this App within two weeks and it will have full PDF viewing capability. Just as with the Windows Reader, Foxit PDF Reader for iPhone will protect users against malicious PDFs.

"Foxit will continue to adhere to its commitment to address security issues swiftly and fully. We refuse to leave our users vulnerable to any security attack for unreasonable amount of time – in most cases a short few days. The PDF Reader is a big part of our business and we want our current and future users to know that we are taking every step to enhance user experience and ensure protection against malicious PDF attacks.” said Alex Alexander, AVP, Corporate Marketing for Foxit Corporation. “Foxit welcomes Apple App developers worldwide to take the full advantage of the high performance and high-security of Foxit’s branded PDF Core technology”.

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