Foxit Drops eSlick Reader Pricing, New $199 is Available Now

Fremont, CA – June 18, 2010 - Foxit Corporation, a leader in eDocument technology for mobile, desktop and on-demand platforms, announced the new lower pricing on the eSlick book reader. The eSlick can now be purchased at the lower price of $199.00 at This offer also comes with 20 English classic books, free Foxit PDF Reader Pro Pack ($39.00) and Foxit PDF Creator ($29.99), Synthetic leather cover ($19.00) and a 2GB SD card.

"Foxit eSlick is this generation's way of reading ebooks and images that can be converted to a PDF, ePub or eReader PDB file. It uses revolutionary electronic-paper display technology that provides a sharp, black-and-white screen that looks and reads just like it would on real paper. It is the 'slickest' e-book device on the market fitting well in your hand just like your palm desktop. It also provides the best PDF reflow capability that gives a better reading experience. Lowering the price of our eSlick gives Foxit competitive position in selling our e-book readers", says Roger Diaz, General Manager of eSlick Business Unit.

To take advantage of this great opportunity and enjoy Foxit’s eSlick at the astoundingly low price of $199. Start shopping TODAY!

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About Foxit Corporation

Foxit Corporation, a Microsoft Certified Partner, is at the forefront of cost-effective electronic document solutions. Customers of Foxit’s award-winning products include major technology and healthcare companies; global financial services firms and government agencies. Founded in 2001, Foxit Corporation believes in innovative, standards-based technology and unrivalled customer support, with a deep commitment to sustainable, environmentally sound products and services.