Vitrium Systems Releases New Tools Exclusively for Smart Publishers for Document Protection

Taipei, Taiwan (June 2, 2010)Vitrium Systems, a leading technology vendor in smart document technology, announced the release of protectedpdf at Computex Taipei. Protectedpdf is the leading document protection application for smart publishers to control and track documents from misuse.

Protectedpdf offers publishers a number of document protection features such as: maintaining control of their intellectual property even after document distribution, deterring unwanted distribution of documents, and tracking who is accessing and using the documents. The new release extends customizable features to support web-site authorization to documents and transparent watermarking, as well as a routine security update.

"Many publishers allow access to and distribution of documents through their web-sites," said Vitrium CEO Peter Nieforth. "Publishers now have a seamless way to protect documents that may be downloaded. The offline documents remain protected and controlled using protectedpdf embedded technology which always remains with the document."

Another new feature is the ability to place transparent watermarks within documents. Previously, the watermarking facility in protectedpdf placed watermarks on top of the document text. With the new transparent watermark capability, users can place watermarks within the body of the document, with the watermark behind the text.

The security update for protectedpdf is routine and ongoing measure to ensure that protectedpdf documents are as secure as possible, while continuing to provide unparalleled ease of use for customers and document end users. "We are excited about the new tools for publishers," said Foxit SVP Sales and Marketing George Gao. "Vitrium continues to offer exciting features in document protection for publishers and Foxit is proud of our partnership with Vitrium and protectedpdf."

About Foxit Corporation
Foxit Corporation, a Microsoft Certified Partner, is at the forefront of cost-effective electronic document solutions. Customers of Foxit’s award-winning products include major technology and healthcare companies; global financial services firms and government agencies. Founded in 2001, Foxit Corporation believes in innovative, standards-based technology and unrivalled customer support, with a deep commitment to sustainable, environmentally sound products and services.

About Vitrium Systems
Vitrium Systems, is a private software company specializing in applications to control, track and interact with PDF documents. Protectedpdf is supported by Foxit Reader, Adobe Acrobat, and Adobe Reader. Vitrium’s customers benefit by, controlling the access of digital documents, tracking document usage analytics/reader engagement, and interacting with readers and collecting data in ways previously unavailable in digital documents.
With customers in over 12 countries, Vitrium’s products, protectedpdf®,docmetrics™, and PDFSalesLeads™, are a range of easy to use applications delivered in Software as a Service (SaaS) and enterprise versions for document protection, document tracking and document interactivity.

Media Contact:

Peter Nieforth, CEO Vitrium Systems, [email protected]  

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George Gao, SVP Sales and Marketing Foxit Corporation, [email protected]

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