Foxit Releases Firmware 2.0.1 Build 0205 for eSlick

Fremont, CA, February 9, 2010 – Foxit Corporation, a leader in eDocument technology for mobile, desktop and on demand platforms, is announcing the release of firmware 2.0.1 build 0205 for its popular eReader device, eSlick.

The new firmware optimized lots of features to improve the overall customer experience. eSlick users will be able to restrain the number of the bookmark up to 50 pages to simplify the bookmark and speed up finding the target bookmarks. Users can also easily distinguish the real bookmark feature from the contents of the ebooks using the “table of contents” which replaced the original description “bookmark”. We have also added a cache in Fit width and Fit height mode to fast these two modes and save your time.

If you open an empty folder, text tools, such as cropping tool, copy tool and so forth will be grayed and cannot be used. This feature enables you easily distinguish whether the tools are available or not, giving your tool bar a clear and obvious look.

More Comfortable Reading Experience

Improved reading speed of reading epub format ebooks greatly improves your reading efficiency. And the invisible font content setting prevents the fonts carelessly being modified to keep the best reading effect for you. The ability of widening the margin in both sides of the text and in PDF reflow also makes the device screen much clearer and your reading experience more comfortable.

Start Using These New Features Today

We fixed some bugs in the new firmware. Current eSlick customers can download this firmware for free by visiting the download section.

About Foxit Coporation

Foxit Corporation is the global leader in eDocument solutions ranging from handhelds to desktop to enterprise to on demand — enabling businesses worldwide. Trusted by more than 100 million users worldwide and used by major technology, healthcare and financial services companies like Microsoft, Intel, Xerox, Bank of America, NASA etc customers rely on Foxit Software to reduce costs, increase ROI and go green. Headquartered in Fremont, California, Foxit Corporation believes in breakthrough thinking, innovation and unrivalled customer support.