Foxit Launches eBookstore for eSlick Users

Fremont, CA, Dec. 09, 2009 – Foxit Corporation, a leader in eDocument technology for mobile, desktop and on-demand platforms, announces the launch of a new eBookstore,, in partnership with Fictionwise LLC, a Barnes & Noble Company, for all eSlick device users.
Read thousands of eBooks on eSlick
Foxit taps into the growing demand for eBooks by partnering with Fictionwise, LLC, a Barnes & Noble Company, and by enabling eSlick users to read eBooks in the popular eReader format. The eReader format is supported by eSlick’s just released version 2.0 firmware. The new Foxit eBookstore,, allows consumers to search through and buy over 60,000 eBooks. Users can also read eBooks they purchase and download from the popular Barnes & Noble eBookstore, which offers more than one million titles. This allows eSlick users multiple sources for acquiring eBooks.
Improving the user experience through software advancement
eSlick continues to improve the user experience by leveraging Foxit’s strength in the PDF software development arena. Considering Foxit’s impressive growth in the PDF reader market, eSlick is utilizing these advancements to gain advantages over its rivals. eSlick supports multiple formats, including ePub, PDF, TXT, and now eReader.
More titles and more features make a better electronic reader
“With Fictionwise’s new licensing agreement of eReader to Foxit, Foxit eSlick will be one of the first E-Ink reading devices which supports PDF, ePub and eReader.” Said George Gao, Foxit V.P. of Sales. “We are really excited about this new launch. Our customers have been asking for this since the eSlick launch. We feel that this new eBookstore will enable all the eSlick consumers to read books from their favorite authors directly on the device without the need to purchase any additional hardware or software.”
Foxit’s eSlick is built on Foxit’s PDF technology trusted by more than 100 million users worldwide. The device is already capable of reading TXT, PDF and ePub files. With the added support of the eReader format and the launch of this new eBookstore, consumers can now also read the documents and eBooks in the popular eReader format.
“Fictionwise is excited to be working with Foxit and to be powering their eBookstore,” said Scott Pendergrast, CEO of Fictionwise, LLC, a Barnes & Noble Company. “They are true experts when it comes to enabling popular eBook formats, and that flexibility is one of the great features of the eSlick device.”
About Foxit
Foxit Corporation, a Microsoft Certified Partner, is at the forefront of cost-effective electronic document solutions. Customers of Foxit’s award-winning products include major technology and healthcare companies; global financial services firms and government agencies. Founded in 2001, Foxit Corporation believes in innovative, standards-based technology and unrivalled customer support, with a deep commitment to sustainable, environmentally sound products and services.
About Fictionwise
Fictionwise LLC was acquired by Barnes & Noble, Inc., earlier this year. Fictionwise runs several of the most popular ebook stores on the web, including its flagship websites at and Established in June 2000, Fictionwise has sold millions of eBooks to hundreds of thousands of loyal customers worldwide. For more information, visit