Foxit Thanksgiving Day Promotion (Nov 23th – Nov 29th)

Foxit would like to say Happy Thanksgiving by offering you, our most loyal supports, a 20% discount of our most popular product, 10% discount of Foxit PDF IFilter and $20 off of Foxit eSlick. Here is your chance to improve your bottom line and finish the 2009 sales year strong. This 20% off promotion will start Monday November 23rd and end Sunday November 29th. You have a full week to act on this promotion and save 20% on products

Buy the followings and save 20% off now
-          Foxit Phantom   $129->$103.20
-          Foxit Reader Pro Pack  $39->$31.20
-          Foxit Form Designer  $79->$63.20
-          Foxit Reader for Windows Mobile  $19.99->$15.99
-          Foxit PDF Creator  $29.99->$23.99

-          Foxit PDF Editor   $99->$79.20

-          Foxit PDF Organizer Pro  $59->$47.20
-          Foxit Reader SDK ActiveX (Standard)   $1250->$1000
-          Foxit PDF SDK (DLL)   $2500->$2000
Buy the followings and save 10% off now
-          Foxit PDF IFilter    $329.99->$296.99
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