Foxit PDF SDK (DLL) 2.0 Just Released

Fremont, Calif. - April 24, 2009 - Today Foxit is pleased to announce its release of the new Foxit PDF SDK_(DLL) 2.0. With this release, besides the standard FPDFVIEW DLL, also another two exciting modules and corresponding features are added.

"Foxit PDF SDK is a light weight, fast, clean software development kit for rendering PDF page content in a wide range of applications. Because of its advantages, Foxit PDF SDK has been a top choice for many enterprise customers." said Eugene Y. Xiong, Chief Executive Officer of Foxit Corporation. "With the introduction of the Text Module and Edit Module, this new version cannot be called Foxit Reader SDK anymore which is too limited. It will be changed to Foxit PDF SDK. By delivering these new modules, Foxit PDF SDK will be more powerful than ever."

What' s new in Foxit PDF SDK (DLL) 2.0?

Text Module

This module, coming with a head file named fpdftext.h, provides the interface for text extraction. Below are the main features of the text module:

  • Allows users to search for words easily and quickly in a PDF document.
  • Extracts text from a designated rectangle area or from an indices-range.
  • Extract a PDF document or a single page to a text file.
  • Obtains the information for each character in a PDF, including the Unicode code, font, font size, and the location information.

Edit Module

This module, coming with a head file named fpdfedit.h, defines the way to create and modify PDF documents. Below is a list of features provided by the edit module:

  • Enables users to create a PDF document in an incredibly fast way.
  • Creates new pages or deletes existing pages from a PDF.
  • Extracts all kinds of objects included in a PDF, such as text object, path object, image object and form object.
  • Modifies the content of a PDF document. Users can add, delete or edit any objects that are included in the PDF.

To download trail version, please click here.

To learn more about Foxit PDF SDK_(DLL), please visit here.

Note: The Base Module (viewing function) for Windows is available for online order NOW!

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