Foxit Corporation Releases Foxit Reader 1.0 for Desktop Linux

The technologically advanced PDF reader enhances its support in Linux

Fremont, Calif. - April 21, 2009 - Following a beta release in January, Foxit Corporation today is announcing the official Linux version of Foxit Reader 1.0, a freely downloadable PDF viewing application. With this release, it now supports the ability to reliably view and print PDF files across all major operating systems in the enterprise.

"Since the Linux beta version release, Foxit is becoming more active in Desktop Linux. Many of our customers were asking for Foxit Reader on Linux as they're using the popular Window version." said Eugene Y. Xiong, Chief Executive Officer of Foxit Corporation. "And with the increasing demand of adoption of Linux operating system among enterprises especially among government and financial organizations, we will keep working on making this Linux version as powerful as the Window one in near future."

Screenshot of Foxit Reader 1.0 for Desktop Linux

"Because of its small size and amazing fast speed, Foxit Reader for Desktop Linux has been a focus for many enterprise customers who come to discuss with us the cooperation opportunity." added George Z. Gao, Vice President of Marketing and Sales at Foxit Corporation. " For example, recently Foxconn Technology Group, the foremost provider of joint development to global 3C leaders, has been working with us on the pre-installation of Foxit Reader on its laptop product which will be for sale soon."

"The following Foxit Reader 1.1 for Desktop Linux will introduce some fabulous features, including multi-language support, review history, enhanced printing feature, etc. By delivering these new features and functionality enhancement, the next version will be more stable and reliable." said Malcolm J. Xue, Development Manager of Foxit Reader for Desktop Linux at Foxit Corporation.

Foxit Reader 1.0 for Desktop Linux can be downloaded in .bz2, .deb and .rpm format, click here.

New feature in Foxit Reader 1.0 for Desktop Linux are listed below.

  • Add unembedded Chinese/Japanese/Korean characters support
  • Improved print quality with anti-aliasing feature
  • Add Preview/Next view feature
  • Add Save as feature

To learn more about Foxit Reader 1.0 for Desktop Linux, please click here.

About Foxit Corporation

Founded in 2001, Foxit Corporation has been working on the electronic publishing and documenting field focusing on the implementation of PDF Core technology. Today, Foxit has become an industrial leader by offering its platform independent core technology capable of supporting PDF and other standard e-documenting formats. Foxit's product line covers multiple types of PDF applications across various mobile platforms and desktop platforms. Foxit is also a pioneer in offering OnDemand CM, a service-based content management system, built on a patent pending technology. In addition to Foxit's online paperless document services, Foxit maintains its efforts to stay green with the development of its new eBook reader, "eSlick," a device that eliminates the need for textbooks and any other documents that would normally be printed onto paper. For Foxit, pursuing environmental excellence has always been the top priority. For more information, please visit