Foxit Corporation and Avision Announce Partnership

Fremont, Calif. – April 8, 2009

Foxit Corporation, a leader in PDF solutions for mobile/desktop platforms and Avision, a world-leading manufacturer of workgroup and departmental document input devices, today announced that they have entered into a partnership. With the creation of this OEM alliance, Avision will have access to Foxit’s PDF solutions to create PDFs integrated with RMS protected scanning solutions.

“Foxit is pleased to be partnering with an OEM such as Avision. We are happy to unveil our technology ready RMS protected PDF service and are eager to use this partnership as a platform to show our expertise in working with OEMs. Foxit has always been a leader in helping OEMs and look forward to working with more OEMs in the future.” said George Z. Gao Vice President Marketing and Sales of Foxit Corporation.

The Foxit-Avision partnership gives consumers access to a series of e-office solutions provided by Avision combined with the independent core technology capabilities of supporting PDF and other standard e-documenting formats by Foxit. Avision will be using Foxit’s pioneer technology to provide the ability to create RMS protected PDFs. Avision will also be able to use Foxit’s turnkey and one button features to enhance their end-user products to be more user-friendly. Avision will be able to provide their customers with cutting-edge office equipment that will be cost effective and yet still more efficient with this partnership.

“Avision is excited to complete this partnership with Foxit. We have spent years evaluating Foxit and found that they are a trusted name in the PDF industry. Foxit has a rock-solid portfolio of PDF features that all perform at a high level and we are looking toward the future as an OEM to use their services.” said Charlie Chou Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales.

The partnership will be a beneficial option to small businesses that can use the pre-set RMS solutions to avoid tedious processes of obtaining protected PDF documents based on corporate IT policies. It also provides access to any end-user who desires such services without much technical complication along with a better workflow to help the end-user apply the services without being strained.

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