Breaking News: Foxit SDK ActiveX 2.4 Just Released

Today Foxit is pleased to announce the new release of Foxit SDK ActiveX 2.4. This updated version introduces a variety of new features along with many enhancements and bug fixes.

Foxit SDK ActiveX is an easy-to-use software component that allows developers to quickly add PDF displaying capabilities to their applications. It has Small distribution size, Fast rendering speed and rich built-in functions. As a popular software component, Foxit SDK ActiveX has been widely regarded as one of the most important development toolkits in the PDF industry right now.

The new release of Foxit SDK ActiveX 2.4 now offers benefits that include increased speed, superior rendering quality, interface enhancements and many bug fixes. The outstanding modifications of this updated version are related to:

  • Optimized Rendering
  • Loupe Tool*
  • Magnifier*
  • Multi-instance Support
  • Log File
  • New Interfaces
  • Interface Enhancement
  • Bug fixes

Note: The features marked with "*" apply to the professional version only.

For more information about new features and bug fixes, please visit here.

To download this version, please click here.