Foxit Corporation Unveils Web-Based Document & Content Management Solution

Foxit OnDemandCM service provides a broad set of functionality in one integrated platform delivering Software as a Service (SaaS).

Fremont, Calif.--(AP)-- Foxit Corporation today announced the release of their new Foxit On Demand Content Management solution that helps consumers achieve their document and content management needs using a single unified platform. This enables consumers to increase productivity, lower costs, mitigate risks, and ensure compliance by optimizing work processes while also leveraging information assets. Foxit also launched a new website for this.

Eugene, CEO Foxit Corporation said “On Demand Content Management product allows small business and enterprise customers to start using the software in potentially minutes as opposed to a phased implementation that could take months. Our patent pending On Demand technology ensures that users can get the same level of performance and availability as they would in an On Premises software implementation but at a lower monthly cost.”

The new OnDemandCM service offers a host of solutions including Complete Document Management which allows the consumer to store, access, and manage documents with ease using a single unified platform, while the Workflow Based Document Routing simplifies distributing documents to multiple parties and groups. The Automate Forms Driven Processes helps to easily share PDF forms for data capture, and Full Security Implementation gives 128 bit SSL encryption and secure uploading.

The On Demand platform also offers industry specific solutions such as Contact Management allowing users to provide faster ROI by letting the end-user create and collaborate contracts with whomever they choose. The Account Payable and Invoice Processing allows the user to reduce processing time and streamline the consumer’s processes. While the Private Bid and Proposal Management Solution enables the end-user to have centralized space for all their proposals and ensures proper vision control and integrity.

The OnDemandCM service is available as of November 7, 2008. To learn more about Foxit Corporation all of its services go to

About Foxit Corporation

Founded in 1996, Foxit Corporation was initially a network application company. Foxit has devised many popular products, such as: Koala Terminal, Secured Koala Terminal, and Windows Access Server. Starting in 2000, Foxit Corporation has been focusing on the electronic publishing and documenting field. Implementation of PDF Core technology becomes the primary development task. Today, the Foxit PDF product line covers many types of PDF applications.