New Available: Foxit Reader for Windows Mobile Version 1.0

Foxit is pleased to announce the official release of Foxit Reader for Windows Mobile Version 1.0.

Version 1.0 has introduced some new features and improvements as below:

New features:

  • Find tool: Allows users to search for words easily and quickly in a PDF document.
  • SoftKey: Provides users with the ability to turn, move, zoom in/out and rotate pages immediately by using the stylus without having to use Foxit Reader's menu or toolbar
  • Zooming: Enables users to zoom in a PDF file to a certain level.
  • Page number: Displays the page number of a PDF document at the top left corner of the screen.

Enhanced features:

  • Improved mini-map: Highlights part of the mini-map when corresponding section of the PDF content is being displayed.
  • Optimized page buffer: Optimizes usage of page buffer and reduces page rendering time dramatically.
  • Streamlined toolbar: Looks more professional and more user-friendly after undergoing a thorough UI redesign.
  • VGA support: Supports both Non-VGA Pocket PC and VGA Pocket PC.

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