Maintenance Release - Foxit Reader V3.0 Build 1222

Foxit today announced a maintenance release for its Foxit Reader V3.0 Build 1222. This updated version has fixed some major bugs that were in previous versions and makes Foxit Reader V3.0 more stable and user-friendly.

The bugs fixed in this release include:

  • The annotations added by the typewriter tool will be rotated along with the page.
  • Pop up "Mozilla Firefox is not installed" when users failed to install Firefox plug-in.
  • May take a long time to open a file in Windows Vista Home version.
  • This updated version allows users to delete the advertisements.
  • The Auto-Rotate feature may be unavailable when printing with Snapshot tool.
  • Go back to the default settings of the printer properties when users reopen the PDF files.
  • This updated version will choose to print documents in actual size mode or fit to paper mode based on the default settings in the print dialog box with Command lines.
  • Page numbers are printed in a disorderly way when printing multiple copies in double-side mode.
  • The slow launch speed when running Foxit Reader for the first time after the system startup.

For more information, please visit this page.

Click here to download the new version now.