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March 2017


The Security Of Confidential Documents Is A Significant Problem For Most Companies, Says New BPI Network Study Report

60 Percent of Survey Respondents Say Sensitive Documents Have Accidentally Been Sent to the Wrong Person

There is a widespread and growing need to improve security practices surrounding confidential documents in most organizations today, according to a new study by the Business Performance Innovation (BPI) Network. In a global survey of managers and information workers, 6 out of every 10 respondents said they or someone they know have accidently sent out a document they shouldn’t have.

Some 89 percent of survey takers believe document security risks are growing in their organization due to increased connectivity and the proliferation of mobile devices. The accidental sharing of confidential documents with a wrong party is by far their biggest concern.

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Accelerating Data Collection into Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

Do you struggle to ensure that the information in your paper documents is entered with 100% accuracy into your enterprise resource planning system? Are you sometimes plagued with errors or false positives? If so, this webinar is for you.

Join Carlos Gonzalez, General Manager of Foxit Software's Data Collection business unit, to learn how you can ensure that data in your hard copy documents is always entered faithfully into your ERP system.

•  Thursday 20th April, 10am Pacific time

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The fast, easy way to convert PDF to Word

So you’ve got a PDF document and you want to convert it to Word. What’s the fastest, easiest and most cost-effective (aka, free) way to do that? Use Foxit’s PDF to Word converter.

It’s point-and-click easy. Conversion is fast. And as we mentioned… More

Is TIFF good enough?

If you’re still archiving documents using TIFF, read this

Time was, TIFF was considered a great format for archiving. After all, it’s a ‘de facto’ or often used format and can offer quality when saved as very large digital master files with either no compression or lossless compression. Which is why many companies have used TIFF for scanning and archiving – and continue to do so. But for several reasons, TIFF is not always the best way to… More

Mitigating the Risk of Enterprise Security Breaches With Smart PDFs

Massive data breaches at companies like Yahoo and Target are becoming more frequent. This increasing threat, however, does not only come from malicious outsiders infiltrating corporate IT systems but also from people within an organization whom, by accident or intent, release sensitive information, often in the form of documents.

View this webinar, hosted by market research firm, BPI Network, and software vendor, Foxit Software, to learn how smart PDFs can help protect organizations from the loss of confidential information.

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What is PDF/A validation and why does your archive need it?

If you’re creating documents containing business information that has long-term relevance and/or you’re creating an archive that users may access way down the line, you want to ensure those PDF files will be usable. Since PDF is regulated by an ISO standard, it’s meant to be future-compatible, but you have to follow some principles of interoperability to ensure that’s true.

In order for your PDF files to be accessible in the long run, you need to… More

How to get started with ConnectedPDF technology

PhantomPDF comes with ConnectedPDF, a breakthrough that ushers in a new era in document management and security. With ConnectedPDF technology in PhantomPDF, you can:

Prevent prying eyes. Sent something to the wrong person? Don’t worry. ConnectedPDF lets you control who can do what with your documents, even after…More


Foxit Europe to debut at CeBIT

Foxit Europe GmbH, the European PDF Center of Excellence, attended CeBIT for the first time this year. From March 20-24, at Stand D30 in Hall 3, the company exhibited its “one-stop shop”, a complete portfolio of fast, cost-effective and reliable PDF solutions.

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The right way to redact information in your PDF documents

You have to protect sensitive information from getting into the wrong hands. Often that’s simply good business practice, like if you’re sending out competitive data or responding to an RFP with company information.

Sometimes, you’re under legal obligation, such as when filing with government bodies. Most government agencies require you to “refrain from including, or must redact where inclusion is necessary, all Social Security numbers, names of minor children, dates of birth and financial account numbers.” That means you have to be especially careful that any PDF documents you’re submitting are have all hidden, sensitive data removed.

Using the wrong method to redact your electronic file, or even a printed document, means that information you assume you’ve removed is actually still visible, even searchable. Here are four methods NOT to use when redacting… More

The pitfalls of relying on decentralized PDF exporters and converters

There are literally hundreds of PDF exporters and converters out there. Of course, there’s the downloadable type, such as the Free Foxit Reader. But there are also free online software versions, written by many different developers for the main reason of avoiding paying for the high cost of Adobe Acrobat to create PDF files.

And therein lies the problem.

Anyone with a penchant for open source software knows that one of the drawbacks can be the “Wild West” of compatibility. Which matters when the document you create or… More


Foxit PhantomPDF 8.2.1

Special enhancements and bug fixes

Foxit Reader 8.2.1

Special enhancements and bug fixes

PDF Compressor

Special enhancements and bug fixes

Foxit Reader for Linux 2.3.1

Special enhancements and new features

Foxit MobilePDF for Windows 2.3

Special enhancements and bug fixes

Foxit PDF WebTools 1.0.118

Special enhancements and new features


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