What can you do with the Foxit Plug-In Platform?

By Scott Nguyen, Integrated Sales and Support

Ever wonder how many plug-ins you’re using with PhantomPDF? Or what each does? You can find out. Just visit the Foxit PhantomPDF Plug-in Platform. There, you can view learn about the plug-ins you’ve installed and manage them.

To open the Foxit Plug-in Platform, choose Help > Product > Foxit Plug-Ins. Here, you’ll see the following: 

Plug-in Status

Certified: Shows whether the signature of the plug-in is valid or not.
Loaded: Shows whether the plug-in has been loaded successfully or not. 

Plug-in Information

You can learn more information about any installed plug-in, including name, date, description and legal copyright.

Plug-in information

To learn the details of a plug-in, click More… under the plug-in’s general description. Then a dialog box showing the details of the plug-in will pop up (as shown below). 


Plug-in Management

Within Foxit Plug-in Platform, you can manage your plug-ins as needed, including installing, enabling, disabling and uninstalling them. Note that any changes you make to plug-ins will only take effect after you restart Foxit PhantomPDF. Also note that certain plug-ins are necessary for PhantomPDF to function properly so you can’t uninstall or disable them.

Want to learn more about Foxit PhantomPDF plug-ins? Simply browse within the Foxit PhantomPDF Plug-in Platform or check the latest user manuals for details.

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