Use watermarks and backgrounds in PDF files with Foxit PhantomPDF Mac

by Laura Silva, Marketing Program Manager

Use watermarks and backgrounds in PDF files with Foxit PhantomPDF Mac

Often you need to add or remove watermarks or backgrounds to a PDF document. Let’s look at how easy is to use watermarks and backgrounds with Foxit PhantomPDF Mac.

Add a watermark

To add a watermark to your PDF, go to the “Edit” tab. Next, select “Watermark” and choose “Add”. Then, ensure that the text option is checked and insert the text you want to use as the watermark in the blank box.

Also, you have the option to use an image as a watermark. If you want to do so, just check file and choose the image you want to use.

Modify your watermark

Now that you’ve added a watermark, you can modify its appearance by changing its font, size, and color.  You can even choose what type of rotation you want to apply to it. When you’re satisfied with your selections, click “Ok” to finalize your changes and enjoy the results of your finished work—your brand new watermark.

Remove a watermark

If you want to remove a watermark, it’s even simpler than creating one. Just click “Watermark” and choose “Remove all”.

Add a background to a PDF

To add a background to a PDF, first go to “Background” on the “Edit” tab. Then, choose “Add”. Here you have two options—you can add a color or insert an image to the back of your document. If you’d like to add an image as a background, check the “File” option and choose the image you want to add.  Click 0K and you’ll see that your PDF has a new background.

Remove a background from a PDF

If you want to remove the background, simply go to “Background” and click “Remove”.

Now that you know how to add and remove backgrounds and watermarks, you can get even more out of using and working with PDF files than ever before.

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