The fast, easy way to convert PDF to Word

by Brad Selbst, Sales Director

convert PDF to Word

So you’ve got a PDF document and you want to convert it to Word. What’s the fastest, easiest and most cost-effective (aka, free) way to do that? Use Foxit’s PDF to Word converter.

It’s point-and-click easy. Conversion is fast. And as we mentioned, it’s free.

Convert a PDF to a Word file in seconds

With Foxit’s tool to convert PDF to Word online, it’s about as easy as you can get. Just select your file by clicking on the button, then put in your email address. In a matter of seconds, your file is converted to a ready-to-work-with Microsoft Word document.

Our free PDF to Word converter lets you save a PDF file as a Microsoft Word document you can edit as you would any Word file. Best of all, you can trust it to give you quality output.

That’s because when you use our PDF to Word tool, you know it’s been created by the team at Foxit. Our software is used by millions of users worldwide and is at the heart of platforms such as Google Chrome, Gmail and Amazon Kindle. So you know the Word file you receive from our PDF to Word tool is going to be quality output.

All platforms are welcome

Our PDF to Word converter works on all Computers so you can use any operating system—Mac, Windows or Linux—and use any browser and still convert your PDF to Word.

Ready to get started?

Try the Foxit PDF to Word converter now.

8 thoughts on “The fast, easy way to convert PDF to Word

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    These days people are using pdf files, but if you want to convert it into word file then you must read the above article. You will get a lot of help. Keep sharing articles like this. These articles provide a lot of help.

  2. AOL Mail Down

    I am always using this application on my laptop. It’s very lightweight rather than Adobe Reader. We can do many changes in PDF by using this application.

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    At present most of the person is using the PDF file. Sometimes the user wants to convert the PDF file into Word. you can easily convert the PDF file into Word file by reading the above post. Thanks for sharing good information.

  4. David Pincus

    I am attempting to use your Foxit PDF to Word Converter on your web site, and after selecting my PDF file, entering my work email address, I click on “convert” and …. nothing happens. No confirmation that the request has gone through and more importantly, no emails sent to me with the converted Word file.




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