The Basics of Foxit Studio Photo

By Scott Nguyen, Integrated Sales and Support

The Basics of Foxit Studio Photo

Many PDF documents contain images. If you need to develop and/or update images for your PDF documents, Studio Photo is a great companion product to Foxit PhantomPDF. This is the first in a four-part series helping users learn how to use Foxit Studio Photo.

Let’s go over the basic interface of Foxit Studio Photo. Foxit Studio Photo is photo editing software designed to make your photo editing experience simpler and faster. On the top, you’ll find the main menu bar. Each button has a dropdown menu for you to find all the necessary tools you need to make edits to your photos.

For instance, under File Open, you can select the images you want to make edits to.

Now that we have our photo open, we can go over our workspace. On the left side, you have your main toolbar.

the basics of foxit studio photo-1

This toolbar consists of all the popular tools you need to make edits to your photos. To see what each tool is, simply hover your mouse over every corresponding icon.

You can also click the top right arrow to flatten or expand the toolbar to your preference. On the right side, you have a variety of open windows, like the Information Color Picker and Layer windows. Simply press F to snap all your windows evenly throughout your workspace.

The basics of Foxit Studio Photo - 2

When making detailed edits to specific photos, you can duplicate your layers to ensure you always have all the details from the original. Click the L on the left to hide specific layers and make edits on the others. Like any photo editing software that features layers, it’s a good idea to learn how to use layers to make photo editing safer and more efficient.

The basics of Foxit Studio Photo - 3

At the bottom, you have the photo organizer. You can shuffle through multiple images and edit them in the order of your preference.

On the tab at the bottom, you’ll find the History window.

The basics of Foxit Studio Photo - 4

This is how you can undo edits in this photo editing software. For example, if you make a stroke you don’t want, simply go to the History window and click the icon that shows where you can revert to your last edit or to another previous edit.

To learn more about Fox Studio Photo or get more detailed information on different tools and use cases, please visit the Tutorial section on our website and click video tutorials.

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