PDF Sign—the easy way to take your John (or Jane) Hancock digital

by Brad Selbst, Sales Director

So you want to sign an electronic document and you’re gearing up to print it, sign it with pen, and then scan it back in.

But wait! There’s a faster, easier, better way. One that won’t create a giant-sized file. It’s called PDF Sign and here’s how it works.

PDF Sign

The PDF Sign feature enables you create a digital signature and apply it to an electronic document, just like you want to do. But there’s no printing required. All it takes is a few quick steps:

  1. Simply create an image of your signature. To do so, all you have to do is grab a piece of paper and a pen, then sign your name as you normally would.
  1. Next, scan that image with your favorite scanner software on your smartphone or tablet, or your handy scanner or multifunction printer.
  1. Now crop the image to just your signature so it’s nice and compact. You can use PhantomPDF to crop the image, just drop the image in PhantomPDF, click on the Organize tab, and then the Crop Pages button.
  1. Then it’s over to PhantomPDF or Foxit Reader. There, you’ll choose PDF Sign, then use the Browse feature to import your scanned signature.

PDF Sign—the easy way to take your John (or Jane) Hancock digital

  1. Now you can place your signature over the area you want it to go and just click.

That’s it. Now you’ve got a digital signature you can use to sign any PDF document in PhantomPDF or Foxit Reader.

Need to initial pages instead? No problem. Just use the same steps to create a digital file of your initials and you’re ready to go.

For more details, make sure to watch the PDF Sign tutorial.

11 thoughts on “PDF Sign—the easy way to take your John (or Jane) Hancock digital

  1. Davis

    This is the essential information article for creating an image of a signature or digital signature. thanks for sharing PDF sign step by step process.

  2. Matthew Dudek

    Yes, it’s very easy to do that, but is it legal? can one sign legal documents using this method and would they be accepted? I mean, anybody can scan an image of someone’s signature and apply it the same way to any document they wish. I don’t recommend this- I recommend DocuSign to all my customers – https://www.docusign.com/
    They have legally binding authentication methods built in, and it is very easy for the end user to use.

    1. FOXITBLOG Post author

      PDF Sign is ideal if you plan on printing the PDF out and submitting it. If you are submitting the PDF electronically, we would suggest using a service like docusign or a digital signature.

  3. John Buffum

    Is this an add-on/plug-in? Does one have to pay for this?
    The free reader already has a robust signature menu item. Lets you create a digital signature as well as a written signature,.


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