How to work faster with PhantomPDF by setting a preferred Save As location

by Laura Silva, Marketing Program Manager


If you’re like us, you enjoy any time- and concentration-saving tips you can get for improving productivity during your work. So while at first glance it may not seem like much, choosing a consistent Save As location for your Foxit PhantomPDF files can make a difference.

Just think of how often you spend looking for the right folder when you’re on a desktop machine or even on a mobile device and you’re saving a PDF. It’s not only a matter of how much time it takes, it’s actually a disruption to your workflow. A minor one, sure, but every disruption counts.

In fact, a study by the Journal of Experimental Psychology says that even after a mere 2.8-second interruption, subjects doubled their error rates. And their error rates tripled after a 4.5-second distraction.

So preserve your concentration and speed by setting a Save As location that your PDF files can always go to. Here’s how.

To add a Preferred Save As location, click Browse to select the location, or input the location in the Preferred Save As Location field.

If you need to remove the configured output location that’s already there, just delete the directory path in the Preferred Save As Location field.

That’s really all there is to it. Save a little time here. Save a little time there. It all adds up to getting more done in less time, and with fewer distractions.

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