How to keep reading from where you stopped in Foxit Reader

by Brad Selbst, Sales Vice President


Have you ever had to walk away in the middle of reading a PDF document—perhaps a very long PDF document—and close it only to come back to it later? Or maybe you’ve closed Foxit Reader entirely. If you may want to make sure that you could start again right where you left off with Foxit Reader, that’s easy. Here’s how.

  1. Open Foxit Reader.
  2. Choose File > Preferences from the sidebar.
  3. Now, you’ll see a box pop up with options running down the left side. Choose History from the sidebar on the left.
  4. If you want to be able to have Foxit Reader return to exactly which document you had open and where you were reading within it, select Restore last session when application starts, then click OK at the bottom of the screen. This means that, when you open Foxit Reader the next time, you’ll go back to the PDF file you were in and the last point you viewed within it.How to keep reading from where you stopped - 1

For a little more automation, you can choose Restore last view settings when reopening as well to ensure that Foxit Reader uses the same settings you had set in the View options, such as the Zoom level and whether you’re viewing in single page or continuous scrolling.

Now you’ll no longer need to scroll through the PDF file in order to find the page you were last looking at. Foxit Reader will do all the work for you.

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