How to Edit Photos – Remove blemishes with Foxit Studio Photo Editing Software

by Karolin Koestler, Marketing Manager EMEA

How to Edit Photos – Remove blemishes with Foxit Studio Photo Editing Software

Many PDF documents contain images. If you need to develop and/or update images for your PDF documents, Studio Photo is a great companion product to Foxit PhantomPDF.  This is the third in a four-part series helping users learn how to use Foxit Studio Photo.

Let’s go over how to remove blemishes with Foxit Studio Photo. There are many instances when a photo comes out well, but there’s just one thing on the picture that needs to be removed in order to make it picture perfect. Foxit Studio Photo comes equipped with the Clone Stamp tool, which is perfect for removing unwanted items in your image.

Begin by opening the image you want to edit under file, open, select your desired image. I’ll be selecting this photo. As you can see, there is a black plastic spoon sticking out of the ice cream.

Remove blemishes with Foxit Studio Photo -1

We’ll be removing the spoon with the Clone Stamp tool.

Before you start editing, make sure to always duplicate your background layer so you do not lose any details from the original first.

To give you an idea of what the clone stamp tool does, here’s a quick visual representation. On the left toolbar, click the Clone Stamp icon, click Window Options, and this window will pop up.

Remove blemishes with Foxit Studio Photo -2

You can adjust the size of your stamp and the brush shape. There are many different shapes to choose from, but try using the default one for now.

Remove blemishes with Foxit Studio Photo -3

Now let’s test out the clone tool. If you select the clone tool and just click anywhere, you’ll see this window pop up.

Make sure to hold down “O” and click once to make your selection from where you want the clone. Once you click and drag the brush, this happens.

Remove blemishes with Foxit Studio Photo -4

As you can see, the clone stamp tool will follow the location you selected and copy the selection again on the picture.

Now try using the clone tool properly to remove blemishes and unwanted items.

First, select the hand tool to move the picture and zoom in properly to see the closer details of what you want to delete.

Remove blemishes with Foxit Studio Photo -5

Then click the clone tool again and shrink the size of the brush.

Studio Photo - 6

This makes it easier to hide blemishes while creating a natural look.

When removing blemishes, you should continuously hold down and select new areas to choose from. If you just copied from the same place, it will show an obvious duplicate. So hold down to select from different areas and click and drag to paint on the duplicate. If you’d like to see the process in action, go to 2:07 in the video tutorial here.

You can use the bracket button to either shrink or enlarge your brush. The left square bracket shrinks while the right and enlarges.

And now you have your complete image without the black spoon. Click File and Save As to save your image.

Remove blemishes with Foxit Studio Photo -7

The clone stamp tool is all about practicing in your photos until you figure out the right way to achieve the results you want.

To learn more about Fox Studio Photo or get more detailed information on different tools and use cases, please visit the Tutorial section on our website and click video tutorials.

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