How to compare two PDF documents side by side

By Andrew Kao, Integrated Sales and Support


At times you will need to read two PDF documents side by side to compare contents, make changes, and even copy content from one to the other. Whatever the issue is, with Foxit Reader, you’ve got two easy ways to do it. You can allow multiple instances of Reader to be open at the same time or use the Split View feature.

Allow multiple instances

To bring up  an additional Foxit Reader window, just enable the “allow multiple instances” feature. Just go to File -> Preferences -> Documents -> and check “Allow multiple instances”.

Now whenever you double-click a new PDF file, Foxit Reader will open in a separate window.

Allow multiple instances

Split View

If you want a side by side—or top and bottom—comparison of different pages within the same document, you can use Foxit Reader’s split view feature to view different instances of a document within the same tab. To do this, simply click View > Split, then choose whether you want to split your view vertically or horizontally.

Split View

With this feature, you can scroll, zoom, or turn to other pages in one pane without having it affecting the other.

With Foxit PhantomPDF, all it takes is a few clicks to view two or more files at once without having to switch back-and-forth between tabs.

12 thoughts on “How to compare two PDF documents side by side

  1. Damir

    Where is View > Split option? I changed to Allow multiple Instances option, but there is no Split comman in View tab. I can’t even find it on your screenshot.

  2. Jonathan Nash

    Can you please help further. I can tag multiple instances and get two instances for my two documents, but how can I view them side by side to make comparisons? At the moment I just have two windows which cannot be opened together.

    1. Laura Silva

      Hi Jonathan, if you want to compare two documents, you can go to View>Compare and there you can view both documents side by side

  3. Dawn

    Is there a way to do a compare doc and get reports on differences? For example, Word has a feature that allows you to compare docs and then provides insights on differences.


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