How to Batch Process with Foxit Studio Photo Editing Software

by Nancy Gao, Product Marketing Manager


Foxit Studio Photo gives users the ability to automatically process multiple image edits all at the same time through batch processing. In this Blog post, we will be going over step-by-step how to set up your photos for mass image processing.

Under File, click Batch. This opens the window options for batch image processing. Select your Setting name if you want to save your edits for repeated use again in the future. Otherwise, leave it at “default” .


From there you will need to select the folder or images you would like to import from. Under Source Folder, you can select your images that you want to edit.

Then in the Destination Folder, select the folder location you would like to have your photos exported and saved into. Batching will automatically take your photos and export them to your desired location. You can set it as the same location as your Source Folder, so send your photos to another output folder location depending on your own preferences.

Under Source File Format, select the current format of your pictures. For example, if your photos are in JPEG, choose JPEG from the dropdown arrow. If you have a mixture of photo file types like JPEG, PNG, and TIFF, you can select “All Formats”, and Foxit Studio Photo will be able to take all of those photos and convert them in the batch process.


In the Destination File Format section, you can choose what file format you want to export your photos into (JPEG, TIFF, and EPS).

With your input and output folders selected, you can now choose how you want to edit your pictures. For example, click Resize to choose the dimensions you want to change your photos to. This is useful for bulk image uploading, especially when your photos are a bit too large.


If you have a combination of portrait and landscape photos, you can uncheck Link to make different sized edits for your landscape and portrait images.

For advanced level features, click Profile Conversion. Changing the color profiles for printing is useful for making industry-level prints, like newspapers or magazines.


Click the Source Profile to select your current color profile and Destination Profile to choose from the large selections of color profiles in Foxit Studio Photo. This allows you to tweak the different levels of color on your images, and you can click Apply Curve to make tone adjustments.

Click Apply Unsharp Mask to sharpen your images.


Once you have your adjustments set, simply click Start and wait for Foxit Studio Photo to make automated adjustments you selected.

There is no real limit to the amount of photos you can batch at the same time. However, your own computer specs could limit the amount of photos it could handle in a single batch process.


Foxit Studio Photo gives you the ability to easily apply all the conversions you need to your photos with a single process. Save time and be more productive with photo conversion through the use of batch processing.

For more details, check out this page about Foxit Studio Photo.

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